Pay Tonna or Not - Bartering Quest Choice in AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Bartering quest choice of pay Tonna or not is going to determine your relationship with her and how difficult the rest of the mission is going to be. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and how you’re roleplaying your Eivor. However, some of you that are after collectibles more than anything else are going to want to know what the best choice with Tonna is. So, that’s what we’ll be discussing in our Pay Tonna or Not – Bartering Quest Choice in AC Valhalla guide.

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pay tonna or not bartering quest choice in ac valhalla
Pay Tonna or Not – Bartering Quest Choice in AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Bartering Quest Pay Tonna or Not – What to Choose?

What you choose in the pay Tonna or not step in the AC Valhalla Bartering quest will determine what kind of relationship you will have with her, and how easy this mission is going to be. It won’t necessarily lead to any big changes in the overall plot, as far as we can tell. The first choice is relatively unimportant, as any of the three options leads you into the next set. Just pick whatever your Eivor would say.

assassins creed valhalla pay tonna or not choice bartering quest
Bartering quest Tonna choice #1

The second choice is where it gets interesting. You can either pay Tonna 520 Gold or refuse to pay. If you have a Charisma score of 2, which you do if you were successful in the flyting with Alvis, you’ll also have the option to pay half, or 260 Gold. If you refuse first time around, she’ll get angry, and you’ll lose the option to use your Charisma. Ultimately, though, there are two avenues this quest can go down from here.

what to choose bartering quest pay tonna or not ac valhalla
Pay Tonna or not – what to choose

If you pay Tonna, she’ll tell you where you need to look for the person you’re after. Plus, you’ll be welcome at her camp, so you can go in there without anyone pestering you. There’s collectables and other stuff to find in there, so that’s useful. Plus, if you’re really cheeky, you can sneak behind Tonna and steal back your money. Why not, if that’s the kind of character your playing your Eivor as? It won’t cause anything bad to happen, unless she catches you.

On the other hand, if you refuse to pay, things get way more complicated. Tonna will forbid you from entering her camp, but that doesn’t mean that your mission is over. Instead, you’ll have to sneak in and look around the place for clues of the kings whereabouts. You can also go in axes blazing or as a silent assassin, or just play it peacefully if you’re sneaky enough. This option also makes it impossible to recruit Tonna for your settlement, and you will have to fight her to the death at a later point. So, think twice before angering her.

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  1. E

    “This option also makes it impossible to [recruit Tonna for your settlement]”
    Is this a thing?

    1. S

      I don’t think it is. Can’t find any other references about it on the web. Also, there seem to be only 4 unique recruitable raiders in the game and Tonna isn’t one of them. Apparently, all it changes if Tonna becomes hostile to you is that she’ll attack you in “Tilting the Balance”.

  2. F

    I’m unsure wether it was because i broke open her floor door to her hiding spot, or because i killed a guard that heard the breaking of planks and came to investigate and therefore my having to stealth kill him to stop anyone else from noticing… Or if when i tried to go back into her camp After i went back to the group, she was hostile towards me, she Noticed me but she didn’t get close enough to spot/attack me.
    Whatever the reason, it checked the Bad Route checkmark and after getting the king, there Tonna was, ready to fight and i had to kill her, sad times, really wanted to recruit her.
    Will keep it in mind after i finish the game and they added a New Game+ like Odyssey got.

    1. F

      For the record, i had already paid her for the info, so i didn’t Not pay her, i did, didn’t know the floor room was her secret shush shush room.

    2. K

      I paid her. Then I looted her stash room after killing her guard.

      She met me after taking the king. But…. I did not kill her! I just ran away from her, king and all. Ran all the way to the boat as soon as I could. I guess she was pretty slow, because she never caught me.

      Best of all worlds! 🙂

  3. J

    You need to change the level 2 Charisma requirement – I made sure I was level 2 after reading this before I did this mission and when I got here the option to pay 260 was greyed out. I also couldnt just leave so I had to pay the 520. It must need lev 3 or higher charisma.

  4. D

    If you steal from her, she will find out and fight you later.

  5. C

    Seriously no one noticed you don’t need to fight Tonna if you escape with the king using the same route you came in through? I saw her with Odins Sight and just went the other way 😀

  6. J

    I assassinated her instead of stealing my money back. I wonder 2 things. Am I a bad person and how will this affect things later.

  7. S

    So I paid her the 250 coins. Then I stole it back. After a while she lays down in her house and I assassinated her when she was sleeping.

    Didn’t have to fight her after kidnapping the king, and I got my money back.

  8. D
    David Inderbitzin

    I paid her half then followed her back to her long house and assassinated her. She’s a traitor who played both sides in this war and then still charged me for the info we needed. Even if she was recruitable (I don’t believe she is though) I don’t want her two faced lumpy ass in my settlement and had no intention of leaving her alive to cause anymore mischief. If you pay her, you get your money back when you kill her then Ivarr pays you another 60 when he hears.

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