AC Valhalla Wayland Armor - How to Get New Armor in Mastery Challenge Update

The Wayland armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a new armor set added in the Mastery Challenge update, and people want to know how to get it. After all, it’s new gear, of course they want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. As it turns out, it’s fairly simple process, as long as you go on river raids often enough. We’ll explain how it works in our AC Valhalla Wayland Armor – How to Get New Armor in Mastery Challenge Update guide.

ac valhalla wayland armor how to get new armor in mastery challenge update
AC Valhalla Wayland Armor – How to Get New Armor in Mastery Challenge Update

How to Get New Wayland Armor in AC Valhalla Mastery Challenge Update

To get the new AC Valhalla Wayland armor in the Mastery Challenge update, you simply have to complete River Raids and grind the resource called foreign supplies. You can then use this resource at Vagn’s shop to purchase the pieces of the armor. Vagn is the guy from which you start river raids, in case you don’t know. Talk to him, and select the option “Show me your wares.” This will bring up the menu from which you can purchase the armor. It has five pieces – braces, helmet, torso, cloak, and pants. Each one will cost you 450 foreign supplies. In other words, you’ll need a total of 2,250 foreign supplies to buy the full set. Get to raiding, and good luck.

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Now for a bit of potentially bad news – the majority of the Wayland armor set is just reskins of previous stuff. Eagle-eyed players have spotted that the AC Valhalla Wayland armor cloak and braces are different versions of the Thegn armor, while the torso and pants come from the Galloglach set, just in different colors. The only truly new piece is the helmet, which looks kinda silly and clashes with the rest of the armor aesthetically. Still, it’s a superior-class armor that adds some of your Assassination damage to your Melee damage, and adds extra Assassination damage when worn. Plus, each piece has a rune slot for extra zhooshing. If that sounds good for your overall build, who cares about the looks, right?

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