How To Leave Camp Baldur's Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 camp is essentially your home base of operation on the move. That’s where you will rest, recoup, talk with your companions and get to meet them better. However, you can not spend all your time in the camp, as the real adventure is out there. Read on as we explain how to leave the camp in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How To Leave Camp Baldur's Gate 3
How to Exit Camp in BG3

How To Leave Camp in Baldur’s Gate III

Just like any good Dungeons and Dragons adventure, your camp will be the bread and butter of your adventure. In between all that danger and adventuring in the wild, you’ll need a safe space to rest, heal, and have meaningful conversations with your companions. However, once you get ready, you will want to head back to your escapade as soon as possible. However, despite being a basic thing, it seems that for many players it is not perfectly clear how to actually leave the camp in BG3. Well, let’s first learn how to enter the camp. Players can visit the camp at any given point. Simply open your map, then access the fast travel menu from the map by pressing “M”. And then find your camp to travel there. While in the camp, you can:

  • Rest and restore.
  • Access your storage.
  • Talk with your companions, which will build your relations and open up new quests.
  • Heal you and your characters.
  • Swap your party members.

Finally, once you are done, let’s see how to leave the camp Baldur’s Gate 3. The camp doesn’t actually have a physical exit. You can not simply walk away from it. Rather, you leave the camp the same way you have entered it. Open your map, then open the fast travel menu, and then select the “Leave Camp” option. This will return the party to the exact location where you were before the camp.

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