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Stagg Airships are the two zeppelins you can see floating above Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Knight. At one point during the main mission, you’ll have to board them.
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There are collectibles waiting for you on them, including Riddler Trophies. Some of them are only well hidden, while others require a bit of know-how to get, even when you find them. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Stagg Airships Riddler Trophies.

We also have detailed guides with locations of Riddler Trophies in other areas, like:

Airships Riddler Trophy Locations

The first nine trophies are on the Alfa airship, while the rest are on the Beta airship, the one where the mission ends. Once you gain access to the second zeppelin, you can go back to the first one anytime.

stagg airships riddler trophy
The next two are monkey puzzles. There will be more than a few of those in this area. In them, there’s a monkey in a cage that mimics your movement – you go left, he goes left. The cage is divided by gates which open and close when you hit the question mark’s dot with the Batarang. Your goal is to get the monkey to the pressure plate.

Hard-to-get Trophies

These trophies are difficult to obtain thanks to various obstacles – you need to get a certain gadget that’s not readily available, or finish a certain mission. On the map, they’re marked with a yellow sign.
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  1. L

    Your guide is jacked up. #7 is totally different from my game. You’re also missing the one by the exit on the lower blimp, the one with the nose that’s blown off.

    1. A
      Adam Bush

      To get # 7 use the BatClaw

  2. C

    Hey just letting you know that you are missing a few trophies. There are a total of 21 trophies listed on the Stagg Enterprises Airships location. One of the trophies that comes to mind is one I’m having difficulty with. It’s a trophy located at the airlock of the Beta ship, which requires you to fire several batarangs at question marks located on the exterior of the alpha ship. Also have you thought about listing the breakable bug containers locations, since achieving that is a collectible involved in the Riddler’s quest?

    1. D

      Yo, you only need to hit the fifth question mark as it lights up on the outside of the airship

  3. T

    Chris, you only have to hit the 5th question mark while it’s lit up to open the cage. Remote controlled batarang is how I did it.

  4. B

    Someone please help! I have gone through these ships 3 times, on the map it says I am not missing any trophies. However on the menu which shows all the trophies you have unlocked It says I am missing one. I think it glitched and i picked it up but it never saved and unlocked. I am not going to bother finding the rest of the trophies if this one trophy will keep me from 100%. And suggestions would be great

    1. G

      Bryan i think the trophy you are looking fell off the ship try by shore next to wayne tower.

  5. B

    Damn it. I am stuck on 20/21, as well! Guess no 100% for me. Thanks, Rocksteady!!!

    1. S

      it fell out. XD try the shore next to wayne tower. it should be on the map. I was like “yo dude I got ALL the trophies on that island! why is this one here NOW!?” and then I saw the broken crates it was on and was like “oh. so it’s technically part of the airship riddles.”

  6. H

    The terminal to hack the stability in Beta, Cargo Hold, is destroyed. Any ideas on how to get the accompanying trophies or fix?

    1. B

      From the busted terminal turned around and head towards the door locked with a voice lock from Stagg. at the end of the hall is a still intact terminal along with a few other trophies.

  7. I missed most of them in my keeness to kick butt and now at 80% complete in the game and can not seem able to access the first airship other than at the front and can get no further.
    Please help.

  8. D
    Draven s

    Trophy 1 appears on my map, but it isn’t on the ship. I collected it long ago, the panel is still hacked and the wire door is still open. Inside the menu it still shows it hasn’t been collected. My final trophy! Anyone have this problem?? Gamebreaker…

    1. M

      Hi mate, I’ve been in the same spot and had the exact same problem. But it is not number one as it apears on the map in your menu. Instead of going trough the main door from the main dock which are leading to reception kind area try to jump trough the vent just before before them. You should come out between two boxes – look up on the left from that point and you should see a cage hanging of the roof with a electric charged doors. I was sure that was the one which you had in mind, I even tried to reinstal the whole game and later swaped saves hoping it would trigger…but that was just a different trophy 🙂

      1. M

        Can you please explain further? I´m stuck at this part too and I can’t seem to figure it out

      2. A

        Thanks for your post it was exactly where you said it was cheers.

      3. G

        That’s weird – I have 2 left locked – #3 and #11 – when i picked up the one in the cage with the electric charge doors it unlocked 11 for me. Still need to unlock #3 and it’s driving me nuts

  9. A

    I think my game is glitches because I picked up the trophy marked as #1 but it still on my map and on the tally chart in the bottom left corner of the map.

  10. G

    I ‘seem’ to have a glitch with the Airship trophies. The map is telling me I have one more to find (no location icon) and the grid is showing me I need the first one on the second row in the first (left) grouping. I have been through both ships half a dozen times, and even followed video walkthroughs. I remember collecting each and every one (including the one that falls to the rocks), and all the locations are showing empty\completed. Any suggestions?? Only thing I can think is that one of the 2 trophies I picked up during the main story didn’t unlock properly. (Foyer of Alpha where you remote hack the cage door, or the one on the bed in the containment cell on Beta)

    Really don’t wanna finish the game without have all the trophies first. Although if worse comes to worst, I can play through from scratch…which I’ll probably do regardless, but still…….

  11. M

    I can’t find 19, anybody know how to get to it?

  12. J
    Jake How

    Hi everyone.
    If you are looking for trophy number one you are looking in the wrong place! Walk into the corridor that leads to the main body of the ship and in that corridor drop down the vent. follow this into the room at the front and there is a box that you have to open with you electrical charge. this is the trophy you are hunting.

    1. B

      Thank you, that was it.

  13. J

    I missed 21 earlier in the game….now the voice syntesizer won’t unlock the door I need to open to blow up the ceiling….any ideas?

    1. You should be able to do it once the main mission send you to the Stagg Airship again.

    2. A

      with #21 the stability control is out of range. any ideas?

      1. E

        hey i’m having the same problem did you find a solution to 21?

        1. J

          This dude named Buck figured it out: “There’s another Airship stability control nearby which needs to be overrided so you can regain tilt control in this area. From where the destructible wall in the ceiling is, continue west down the hallway, the control unit is right there (where trophy #20 is). however, there is a turrent gun down the hallways to the left. Use the remote hack tool to blind it, go destroy it, get the trophy from behind there, then go back and hit space (or whatever controller button) when in front of the stability control unit to override it and re-gain tilt control again.”

          1. T

            Thank you thank you thank you thank you! This was my last one in the Airships and I could not for the life of me figure it out! This helped so much!

  14. R

    Stagg airship alpha stability range isn’t working how cum

  15. Number 21 on the airship is next to impossible since the table I need has somehow disappeared… Any ideas ?


  16. B

    Can you get to trophy 6 after main story completion

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