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Arkham Knight HQ is where the fight with the mysterious villain takes place. It’s the last area you’ll unlock, and it has a decent amount of collectibles like Riddler Trophies. You’ll have to visit it several times – some of them appear only after the boss fight. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get the Arkham Knight HQ Riddler Trophies and unlock new concept art and audio logs.

If you’re missing some Riddler Trophies from previous areas, be sure to take a look at our other guides:

Riddler Trophies Before The Battle

These are the trophies you can collect before your clash with the Arkham Knight. They’re marked with green icons on our map.

Riddler Trophies After The Battle

If you go back to the tunnels after the fight, you’ll find several new trophies waiting to be taken. They’re the ones marked with yellow icons.

Trophies In The Arkham Knight HQ

Some of the trophies in the building can be picked up during the mission, but since you’re going to be busy trying not to get killed, we’re going to assume you’ll grab them all later. To enter the Arkham Knight HQ at a later time, just go to this building and use the elevator on the roof.

We’ve marked the trophies inside with yellow question marks on our map as well.
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  1. S

    is it at all possible to get to the vertical tunnel after you’ve finished the main story? because i seriously can’t remember if i got that trophy or not and i’m fearing it’s the last one i need in this area.

    1. I would say yes, but you have to go down to Arkham HQ from the elevator on top of the building.

      1. M

        Same problem, can’t reach trophy nr 8 after main story.

        1. B
          Brown bag

          It is possible to collect all riddler trophies in the Arkham Knight’s HQ after story completion. Riddler trophy number eight can be accessed by using a grate on the central platform of the Arkham Knight HQ South. Explore the grate tunnel on the upper central platform, and you’ll discover that the grate will take you behind a wall, to the previous area where batman escaped the arkham knight, and the batmobile was destroyed. You can retrieve the trophy by simply using the batclaw.

        2. S

          From the elevator, go up the escalators to the left just outside the elevator. There will be a U-shape of grates. Enter one and head for where you would normally bat-launch up the wall chute. Instead, move toward the wall just right of the chute. There is an unmarked tunnel that leads to that trophy.

        3. K

          You can access it through the floor grating just south of the main stairs on the map

        4. S

          on the main platform of arkham knights HQ enter the grate next to the drone that is sitting there (where gordon was tied up during the story) if you move to the right of where you get the option to grapple up you will fall into the corridor where you originally came in during the story mission.

          1. J

            The tunnel is collapsed, what now? Complete the main story and then try and get it?

        5. C

          Exit the elevator and go straight up the stairs in front of you and enter the grate your camera angle will change as you go into the tunnels and viola trophy no 8!

        6. T

          Just drop into the floor grate on the main platform where you first got into the lower area, where Gordon was tied up. Follow that back through the little tunnel it turns into, and bam.

      2. S

        I cannot seem to find an obvious way to #8 after the main story either, from either entrance.

    2. M

      Same problem!!!

      1. J

        looks like the tunnel has collapsed. I dont remember where I came out when batmobile was destryed.

      2. J

        nevermind. found it bro. go to HQ SOUTH top of the building to find the elevator. take it all the way down.

  2. Z

    is there one missing because ive gotten all of these and it says ive still got one left

  3. C

    Can I get trophy #13 after the arkham knight final battle? The video shows sending elevator up but now there is no elevator, just rubbles. Really need help on this one ???

  4. J

    I can’t access AK Riddle trophy #8 via HQ South as the entrance is collapsed. The elevator in HQ North won’t move now and I’m stuck. That’s the last trophy I need. Someone help! I’m only at 95% complete on the story and still can’t get that last one!

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