Bloodborne Iosefka's Clinic Guide

Iosefka’s Clinic is an important area in Bloodborne. It is located right next to the place where you start the game, although you need to get all the way to the Forbidden Woods in order to access it.
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It is very important you get here only after killing Rom, The Vacuous Spider. That way, you’ll get a special item called One Third Of Umbilical Cord. You’ll also find the Cainhurst Summons and the Communion Rune. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get to Iosefka’s Clinic, which items you can get there and what secrets it hides.

Iosefka’s Clinic location

When you awaken at the Forbidden Woods lamp, cross the bridge in front of you.

You can evade the beast-man easily, but you’ll get a free Blood Vial or two if you kill him.

There are two dogs here – watch out, they have a tricky attack pattern. When you kill them, go between the cages and look for a hidden path leading to the left.

This might seem scary, but it shouldn’t be. The giants are slow and easy to evade and the poison won’t kill you. Follow the edge of the lake until you get to the lantern on the other side, enter the passage next to it, and climb the giant ladder until you’re topside. Don’t use Antidotes before you’re out of the lake – the poison is going to keep coming back. Just heal yourself with Blood Vials.

The monster in the park is best avoided, as it can kill you with one shot.

Here’s a video guide showing the route

Now that you’re here, you can start getting your hands on those delicious items.

One Third Of Umbilical Cord

One Third Of Umbilical Cord is a very important item that can give you alternate ending of the game. You’ll get it by killing Iosefka. She’s in an upstairs room – go left when you enter the clinic, turn right into the other hallway, then climb the stairs. She’ll be in the only room upstairs, on the operating table.

Communion Rune

When you enter the clinic, turn left. Walk forward until you hit a door. Once you enter the room, you’ll see a chest in the corner. The Communion Rune is inside it.

Cainhurst Summons

Cainhurst Summons is a key item that will let you visit Forgotten Cainhurst Castle later on. The castle has some great loot, so you should definitely pick this one up. You’ll find it to the right of where you enter the clinic, on an operating table in a large room.


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