Borderlands 3 Best Solo Character Builds - Zane, FL4K, Amara, Moze

Character builds in Borderlands 3 are meant for those that want to experience the game by themselves, be it with Zane, FL4K, Amara, or Moze. Each of the Borderlands 3 characters can be optimized for solo play, if you select the correct skills. Even then, though, some characters are arguably better suited for solo play than others. With that in mind, our Borderlands 3 Best Solo Builds – Zane, FL4K, Amara, Moze guide is gonna show you how to make solo builds for the characters. Before we begin, though, a reminder: these are just suggestions. Depending on your style of play, your ideal solo build might look completely different. Remember to go with what feels best for you.

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Borderlands 3 Best Solo Builds - Zane, FL4K, Amara, Moze
Borderlands 3 Best Solo Builds – Zane, FL4K, Amara, Moze

Best Zane Solo Build in Borderlands 3 – What Skills to Choose?

We’re starting with Zane because he’s arguably the best choice for a solo player. He’s the only Vault Hunter that can have two Action Skills equipped at the same time. This comes at a cost: you have to give up your grenades. However, if you build the character right, your Skills are gonna keep you firing grenades through other means just fine.

The first skill tree we’re gonna focus on is Digi-Clone. The base ability is summoning a clone of Zane that stands still, draws fire, and also deals damage. You can also swap places with the clone, which is pretty great for a variety of maneuvers. There are two Action Skill augments you’re gonna wanna get when you can: Schadenfreude and Which One’s Real. The first replenishes your shield as your clone takes damage (up to 100%), and the second makes enemies more likely to target the clone upon summoning / swapping places.

Now for the list of skills you should get. Eventually, you’ll want to max all of these out. Let’s go.

  • Borrowed Time
  • Donnybrook
  • Fractal Frags
  • Duct Tape Mod
  • Quick Breather
  • Pocket Full of Grenades
  • Old-U
  • Like a Ghost
  • Boom. Enhance.
  • Double Barrel

Next up, we’re gonna grab a few things from the SNTNL tree, aka the drone, that gel very nicely with the skills mentioned above. The drone itself flies across the battlefield and attacks enemies for you. This, plus the digi-clone and you, means you’ll have three DPS dealers on the field. The Action Skill Augment you should consider here are Winter’s Drone (converts Drone damage to Cryo) and Almighty Ordnance (basically a barrage of missiles, plus resets SNTNL duration of an enemy is killed).

Now for the skills. You don’t necessarily have to max out all of them; use your own discretion:

  • Violent Momentum
  • Cool Hand
  • Drone Delivery
  • Salvation
  • Death Follows Close
  • Playing Dirty
  • Good Misfortune

You might have noticed that we’ve completely ignored the Barrier skill tree. That’s because this skill tree is more for co-op play. In solo, this tree just doesn’t really do much for you.

FL4K Borderlands 3 Solo Character Build Best Skills

FL4K the Hunter, in my opinion, is another really good option for solo play, even though he’s not at all my play style. This build takes more or less equally from the Master Skill Tree (Skags) and the Stalker Skill Tree (Jabbers). It is skewed a tiny bit on the Master tree, though. For the most part, you can ignore the Hunter skill tree completely with this build.

The pet you should go for this build is Eridian Skag (a Skag evolution). The Action Skill of choice is Gamma Burst, which lets you teleport your pet to a target location and dealing Radiation Damage to nearby enemies. Plus, the pet will become irradiated for extra damage. It revives the pet with 30% health, but doubles the Action Skill cooldown time.

As for the Action Skill Augments, pick Endurance and Burst Aid. The former gels with Gamma Burst, because it prolongs its duration and increases pet damage for every enemy that the pet kills with Gamma Burst is active. The latter lets you heal when standing next to the Rift, since the Rift will stay for the duration of the skill.

Now for the skills from the Master skill tree. Try to max out all or most of them.

  • Persistence Hunter
  • Go For the Eyes!
  • Who Rescued Who?
  • Frenzy
  • Psycho Head on a Stick
  • Hive Mind
  • Mutated Defenses
  • Pack Tactics
  • Shared Spirit
  • Dominance

Now, let’s spice things up with a few skills from the Stalker tree. Most of these are gonna revolve around healing yourself and your pet, plus a little extra. Again, try to max as many skills here as you can.

  • Self-Repairing System
  • Furious Attack
  • Eager to Impress
  • All My BFF’s
  • Lick the Wounds
  • Turn Tail and Run
  • Rage and Recover

Borderlands 3 Which Amara Skills to Choose for Solo Play?

Amara isn’t necessarily the best of options for solo play, but she does come with a large plethora of fun skills. You can optimize them in such a way that allows you to deal a lot of damage fast and heal up. With this build, though, you’ll have to come up real close and personal, ’cause this is a melee build. Which is how I like to play.

Before we get into the skills, let’s first get through the Action Skills and the like. The Action Skill we’re gonna run with here is Downfall. Amara will jump into the air and Slam into the ground, making an AOE attack that will damage all enemies in the radius. Oh, and an elemental beam is in there, too. The Action Skill Element of choice is Blight Tiger, which gives you Corrosive Damage. Both of these are from the Brawl tree.

Although, you might consider also taking Soulfire which gives Incendiary damage, just for those enemies that are immune to Corrosion. You can find that in the Fist of the Elements, and you can switch between that and Corrosion when necessary. Lastly, you’re gonna want the Soul Sap Action Skill Effect from the Mystical Assault tree. This ability gives you Life Steal. 230% of Skill damage you do to enemies comes back to you or an ally. And, since you’re playing solo, it’s all for you.

Now for the specific skills you’re gonna need. The majority of them are gonna be from the Brawl tree, because, again, we’re gonna main melee here. So, all the skills from this and other Skill groups are gonna be all about increasing the damage you do with your bare hands, healing yourself, and so on. Try to max out all of these, except maybe the first one.

  • Root to Rise
  • Clarity
  • Helping Hand(s)
  • Mindfulness
  • Find Your Center
  • One With Nature
  • Do Onto Others
  • Jab Cross
  • Guardian Angel
  • Blitz

That’s the main dish, but what about some salad? Well, let’s pick out a couple of Skills from the Mystical Assault tree. We’re gonna need three of them, and you should probably max them out eventually.

  • Do Harm
  • Restless
  • Ascendant

Lastly, we’re going to need two skills from the Fist of the Elements tree for a bit of garnish, both of which you should eventually max out.

  • Infusion
  • Illuminated Fist

Borderlands 3 Moze Solo Build – Best Skills to Choose

Moze is, at least in my opinion, the worst choice for solo play. Then again, you might like her best, it’s a matter of taste and gameplay style. Anyway, probably the best way to play Moze solo is to make it so that you just never stop shooting. Just keep causing mayhem non-stop. So, that’s exactly what you should do, and we’ll explain how.

But first, the Action Skills. This build works with either Miniguns or Salamanders. Miniguns are probably more versatile, but if you wanna go scorched earth, be my guest. Whichever you choose, go with the same weapon in both slots for some extra bonuses. As for the Action Skill Augments, if you’re running Miniguns, select Exploding Bullets. If you prefer Salamanders, go with Molten Roar instead. All of the above is in the Bottomless Mags tree. Speaking of…

The majority of skills that this build will require are from the Bottomless Mags tree. Remember, we’re going for a build that allows for near-constant, suppressive fire, both in the mech and outside. You are playing alone, so we don’t wanna let the nasties breathe at all. Plus, we’re gonna add some bonuses to Incendiary damage, in case you wanna go with dual Salamanders. Make sure to max out all of the stats here eventually, especially the first one.

  • Cloud of Lead
  • Stoke the Embers
  • Redistribution
  • Scrappy
  • Rushin’ Offensive
  • Scorching RPM’s
  • Specialist Bear
  • Some for the Road
  • Click, Click
  • Forge

Time to go through some skills from the Shield of Retribution tree. They’re gonna give us some extra incendiary damage, plus some shield. You always want some shield, being that the Bear is an enormous target.

  • Selfless Vengeance
  • Security Bear
  • Vladof Ingenuity
  • Experimental Munitions

Now, we’re gonna round this build up with a couple of skills from the Demolition Woman tree. There are several reasons for this, from extra incendiary damage, splash damage, and allowing the Bear to stay acive and shoot for 15 seconds after you exit. The dump stat here is Torgue Cross-Promotion; max out the rest of the skills.

  • Fire in the Skag Den
  • Means of Destruction
  • Torgue Cross-Promotion
  • Auto Bear

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