Borderlands 3 Atlas at Last Rhys Choice - Keep or Lose Mustache

The Rhys mustache choice is the final step in the Atlas, At Last mission in Borderlands 3. You get to choose whether Rhys keeps his mustache or shaves it off. As far as we can tell, the consequences of the Rhys mustache choice are fairly negligible, but some differences do exist. If you’re wondering what to choose in this situation, then look no further than our Borderlands 3 Atlas at Last Rhys Choice – Keep or Lose Mustache guide, where we’ll show you exactly what happens in each choice.

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Borderlands 3 Atlas at Last Rhys Choice - Keep or Lose Mustache
Borderlands 3 Atlas at Last Rhys Choice – Keep or Lose Mustache

Rhys Mustache – What to Choose in Atlas at Last Mission in Borderlands 3?

Once you reach the end of the Atlas, at Last mission in Borderlands 3, you’ll have a choice to make – what do you think of Rhys’s mustache? Do you love it, or do you think it’s gross? Whichever choice you make, Rhys will “remember it,” you’ll get the Vault Key fragment, and the mission will be over. I put “remember it” in quotes, because it doesn’t seem like the choice actually impacts the game in any particularly important way. That said, there are some differences between the choices, so let’s cover them.

Update: Thanks to out illustrious reader Tom, we now know that you’ll get the “I Mustache you a Question” achievement regardless of what you choose. Right, carry on!

If you say that you love the mustache, Rhys will be delighted, and keep his face fur. You’ll also receive the Buckle Up weapon trinket, and the “I Mustache you a Question” achievement / trophy. Wow, Gearbox. Really hitting it outta the park with those fresh memes, aren’t you?

If, on the other hand, you tell Rhys that his mustache is gross, he will be quite crestfallen. The offending facial hair will immediately disappear, and there doesn’t seem to be any achievement connected to it. However, you will also get the, in my opinion, far superior weapon trinket – Rhys’s Piece. Abysmal, god-awful pun aside, it’s literally a keychain of Rhys’s mustache. Don’t even begin to tell me that you don’t want to have a tiny mustache hanging off your gun.

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  1. T

    This article is super misleading… you get the achievement either way so take the moustache trinket guys

  2. A

    I’m assuming that the “Rhys will remember that” message is a reference to Tales from the Borderlands, the game where you first meet Rhys. It’s a Telltale Studios game so it geautures many important branching story options, and many of the choices you make affect the game later on. Whenever you make an action that is of importance to a particular character eg insulting them, saving them, you get that same “X will remember that” message to let you know your choice will have future ramifications.

    Considering Borderlands has never really had a branching/choice-filled story, and based on the experiences of others who have finished the main story, it seems that it’s mo more than a fun reference to the now-defunct Telltale and their infamous style of games. And we all know Borderlands loves their references and Easter Eggs.

  3. G

    When I got this far, it wouldn’t take either option. I went up the elevator and back down, it still wouldn’t take either option. What am I missing?

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