Borderlands 3 Holy Broadcast Center Locked Door - How to Open

There’s a locked door in the Holy Broadcast Center in Borderlands 3. A lot of people are wondering what’s behind them and how to open them. Trying to find a way in has been a collective effort, and people have tried pretty much everything you could think of. If you want to know what’s behind the giant metal door and how to get there, keep reading our Borderlands 3 Holy Broadcast Center locked door guide.

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borderlands 3 holy broadcast center locked door
Borderlands 3 Holy Broadcast Center Locked Door – How to Open

How to unlock Holy Broadcast Center door?

UPDATE: The mystery has been solved! At some point during the Blood Drive main mission, you’ll unlock a side mission called Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece. It’ll spawn a new boss in the disco arena, called New Mouthpiece. Once you’ve killed him, play his organ and the door will open.

ORIGINAL TEXT: The door appears after you complete the Mouthpiece boss fight. As the arena exit unlocks, you can head to the sound throne and you’ll spot the door easily enough. There’s a big Holy Broadcast Center sign above it. By using photo mode, some players have managed to sneak a peek behind the door – there’s nothing much there, except for a weapon chest.

The first thing we tried was completing all the side quests in the area, but that didn’t help. Killing the boss again several times also did nothing. We looked around for a secret entrance, a lever to pull, a button to press or a switch to shoot, but found none.

It turns out the solution is to keep playing the game. The door with open of its own volition after you’ve completed a certain side quest later in the game. We’ve heard this second hand, so we don’t know exactly which quest that is, but it supposedly appears around level 30.

Our advice would be to not think about it too much. Just keep playing and return once things to do become scarce. Some people think it’s best to leave side quests and such for later on, so you can get higher level weapons from them – the same can probably be said for chests.

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