Borderlands 3 Hijack Target Locations - How to Get Rare Vehicle Parts

Hijack Targets are crew challenges in Borderlands 3. They’re special, souped-up vehicles you can steal and bring to Ellie. If you do, you’ll unlock rare vehicle parts which you can use to beef up your own ride. They’re often easy to spot, but there’s almost always some kind of puzzle involved which might stop you from actually stealing the car. If you’re having trouble either finding or getting the vehicles, our Borderlands 3 Hijack Target locations guide will help you solve them.

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borderlands 3 hijack target locations how to get rare vehicle parts
Borderlands 3 Hijack Target Locations – How to Get Rare Vehicle Parts

Meridian Outskirts Hijack Target locations

This one is in the northeastern part of the map. You’ll find in on a hanging platform under the broken bridge. You will have to do some parkour in order to reach it – climbing the containers might require a few tries. Once you manage, you’ll find out it’s a Sticky Technical with a checkered paint job. Bring it back to Catch-A-Ride to complete the challenge.

Meridian Metroplex Hijack Target locations

This vehicle is in the northeastern part of the city. It’s easy to find, but sits behind an energy field. The switch that’s supposed to turn it off doesn’t work. If you follow the yellow cable from the switch, you’ll notice it’s broken. Stand at the spot where the wire is broken and look up – you’ll see a hatch. Shoot it, and water will start pouring down. If you remember the trapdoor puzzle from earlier, you’ll know that all you need now is electricity. You can either follow the cable and look for a generator, or just shoot the slowly-forming puddle with an electric weapon. The surge will kill the switch, lowering the barrier. The vehicle inside is a cerulean Cyclone.

Floodmoore Basin Hijack Targets

There are two hijack targets in Floodmore Basin. The first is a Fat Cyclone, which you can find on the northern edge of the village in the southeast of the map. You’ll need to approach it from the outside, and use the rocks to get up to the terrace where the vehicle is.

The other is the Razor Outrunner. You’ll find that one in the vast area west of the village. It sits atop a giant tree stump, seemingly inaccessible. In order to get up there, you’ll have to get up the mountain in the middle of the map, grab a vehicle from Catch-A-Ride and jump off a ramp into the distance. It may take a few tries, since the landing is tricky.

Devil’s Razor Hijack Target locations

You’ll find the Zippy Outrunner atop the factory on the hill in the north. If you follow the path up there, climb the ledge and hug the wall on the right until you reach the painted scaffolding. Use it to get up onto the roof, then slide under the pipe on the right.

The Spiked Technical is on the roof of a garage at Dusty Acres, in the southwest of the map. You can either use the crates and ledges around the building to climb up, or jump from the giant rock outcrop at Phalanx Pass.

Splinterlands Hijack Target – where to find

This one’s at the Homestead, the area in the northwest of the map. It’s in a big hangar right next to the entrance. In order to get inside, you’ll have to climb the giant cogwheel in the back, use it to get to a ledge, jump onto the ladder, then drop down on the platform with the door controls.

Desolation’s Edge Hijack Target locations

The first vehicle is in the southwest, in a small garage surrounded by giant bug nests. Break the barricade with a melee attack and grab the rare Cyclone to get the ability to blink.

The other one is in the southeast. There’s an energy barrier that prevents you from just driving off. In order to lower it, you’ll have to destroy the three generators that are powering it. One can be seen to the left of the gate. Another is on the tower, while the third one is in the middle of the area.

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