Borderlands 3 Kill Killavolt Battle Royale Battery Locations - How to Get

Battery locations in the Borderlands 3 Kill Killavolt mission are a part of the quest you’ll be doing for Moxxie. The three batteries you need to get for Moxxie in the Kill Killavolt mission are scattered around the map during the Battle Royale portion of the quest. While the game marks the batteries on the map, they’re not as easy to find as it may seem. There’s a lot of verticality on this map. That being the case, our Borderlands 3 Kill Killavolt Battle Royale Battery Locations – How to Get guide is gonna explain exactly where to find these batteries for Moxxie, and how to collect them.

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Borderlands 3 Kill Killavolt Battle Royale Battery Locations - How to Get
Borderlands 3 Kill Killavolt Battle Royale Battery Locations – How to Get

How to Get Batteries for Moxxi in Kill Killavolt Battle Royale Mission?

To get the batteries that Moxxi needs in the Kill Killavolt mission in Borderlands 3, the first and most obvious step is to follow the map markers. If you’re like us, you’ll get this quest step at the same time when you’ll be chasing for the tokens Killavolt’s fans are carrying. There will be six markers on the map, which can get a little distracting. If you wanna focus on just the batteries first, go for the markers that don’t have a blue circle around them.

The first battery we’re gonna go after is in the south of the area (see the map below for the location). This is near the location where you’ll fight Trudy the Toe-less. This battery is out in the water, so you’ll have to do some light platforming across the containers to reach it.

The next battery we’re gonna cover is in the center of the area, where the target named Jenny is. This battery is a little more difficult to reach, since it’s way on top of a building. So, what you want to do is go around the building (check the map to see where exactly). There, you’ll find some ledges you can climb up; look for the yellow mark. From the small balcony, climb the long ladder. Then, head over and climb up the rooftop across the bridge. The battery is in the corner of the platform.

The third battery also requires some platforming. In the Hills area, find the stairs leading onto an overpass. Cross the overpass, and turn left when you reach a dead end. You’ll find a yellow-marked platform you can climb. Once up there, turn around and jump onto the ladder, then clamber up. Hop onto the yellow container, turn left, and jump onto another ladder. Once on top, look to your right to see where the battery is.

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    Your explanation for Lena’s battery is quite off/wrong.

    Go to the stack of TVs before the overpass, jump on them. Climb onto the building, and jump to the next one. Climb the ladder that you see onto the next building, and turn to your left. Climb that final ladder, and the battery is up there.

    I spent about fifteen minutes following your steps before coming to the realization that it was not correct. I appreciate you authoring an article on this however.

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