Shift Servers down? Check Server Status & Maintenance

Are SHiFT Servers down? Gearbox’s online features are governed by their SHiFT matchmaking system, which powers Borderland 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and other Gearbox games with online functionality. And while they provide a rather great service, sometimes they can be unstable. SHiFT servers can go offline for scheduled maintenance or update deployments. They can also be targeted by DDoS attacks. or, sometimes, there can simply be some unforeseen issue causing the problems. If you are receiving the “SHIFT Connection Lost” or “Network Error” messages, here’s how to check Shift Servers status.

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Shift Servers down? Check Server Status

Are SHiFT Servers down?

UPDATE: On Monday, September 18th, 2023, players are reporting various issues with Shift servers. We will update the article once we have more information about the issues. There are no official announcement about scheduled maintenance for today.

Original story:At the time of writing SHiFT servers are online and working at full capacity. There are no reported issues either from players or from Gearbox. Nonetheless, this can change at any given moment, and we will make sure to always update this article as soon as possible with new information. If there is scheduled maintenance, we will provide dates and times. If there is an outage, we will add information on what’s causing it. Often times server downtime can be caused by some updates, in which case you simply need to wait for it to be deployed. The “SHIFT Connection Lost” or “Network Error” messages are usually the first sign that something is not right.


Check SHiFT Servers Status

While we will make sure to routinely update this article with new developments, you can also check server status on your own. The best way to stay informed about the server status is to follow the official SHiFT Status Twitter account. In addition, Gearbox’s Twitter account is also a good place to find the latest news. They are developers of both the servers and Borderland games. If you want to contact developers directly about an issue, you can do that via the Gearbox Software support page.

Finally, as we’ve already mentioned, you can always come back to us to find the freshest information about the SHiFT server status. This page will be regularly updated whenever there is a server outage, scheduled maintenance, or some other problem. Whenever you are not sure if SHiFT servers are down, we will have an answer for you!

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