Warzone Armored Truck Removed Due to Glitch

Call of Duty Warzone players might have noticed that armored cargo trucks no longer appear as rewards from crashed satellites. As it turns out, these trucks were in some way causing a bug that would render players invisible, which, in a game like Warzone, is a bit of an advantage. So, if you’ve been wondering where the Warzone armored trucks have gone, you’re in the right place.

warzone armored truck removed due to glitch
Warzone Armored Truck Removed Due to Glitch

Armored Truck Removed from Warzone Season 4

As Raven Software have announced on Twitter, they have made the decision to remove the armored cargo trucks from Warzone Season 4 due to a very… interesting glitch. See, it turns out, these trucks are somehow connected to the invisibility glitch that a lot of people have been encountering since the update began. As I’m sure you can imagine, becoming invisible in a battle royale is a bit of a game-breaker. This has caused a lot of frustration and justified anger in the player base. So, the developers just nixed the armored trucks altogether, presumably solving the glitch.

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Now, I know what some of you are asking: will the cargo trucks make a return at some point? Well, maybe. I assume that depends entirely on whether or not they manage to patch the bug out. Until then, though, you can forget about getting the trucks from crashed satellites. Don’t worry; as the tweet points out: “There’s still plenty of loot to find at the Satellites. It’s a fight to the death for the HARP and a free Loadout.” So, basically, it’s still worth hunting the satellites down, just don’t expect to find an armored truck.

So, if you were wondering why the armored cargo trucks were removed from Warzone Season 4, now you know what’s happening. If you need any more assistance with the new content, we’ve got a few guides that you might find useful. For example, we’ve got How to Unlock Nail Gun, Where to Find Red Doors, and Special Weapons in COD Warzone.

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