Alkane Dust Locations - Destiny 2 Planetary Materials

Alkane dust is one of the planetary materials in Destiny 2. You can trade it for reputation with Sloan, but more importantly, you can use it to infuse various weapons, like swords and grenate launchers. Since the Forsaken DLC added several exotics that require this material, people have been searching for it more and more. In this guide, we’re going to show you Destiny 2 Alkane Dust locations, so you can farm the resource and upgrade your gear.

destiny 2 alkane dust
Destiny 2 Alkane Dust Locations

Where to farm alkane dust?

Alkane dust is native to Titan, the planet engulfed in methane. It’s one of the smaller areas in the game, with only two landing points and three platforms to look through, so it shouldn’t be too much hassle. When you decide to go farming, you should look for orange clusters – they look like fruit connected by tubes. When you’ve harvested them, they won’t disaappear – instead they’ll shrivel and darken.

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This means you’ll still be able to find them after they’ve been harvested, allowing you to wait around until the deposit has been replenished. They’re fairly ubiquitous on Titan, though, so just running around should net you enough for the infusions. If you do decide to wait around, try to find a node near a public event spawn point, so you can take part in some activities while the timer ticks away.

You’ll probably need to go back more than once, especially if you’ve gotten your exotic at a lower power level – getting it up to 550+ is going to take quite a bit of work. Just head back to Titan every time you need some, and spend thirty minutes to an hour walking about and picking the strange fruit up. You can also take on Patrol missions – it might break up the monotony a bit, even though they’re usually not that engaging.

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