Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle Quest - Memento in Destiny 2

Bastion is a new exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a kinetic fusion rifle you can get by completing the Memento exotic quest. The quest itself can be difficult at times – there’s a fair amount of grinding involved, and finding some unmarked locations on the map. If you’re having trouble with any of the steps, this guide will show you how to complete Destiny 2 Bastion exotic fusion rifle quest.

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destiny 2 bastion exotic fusion rifle quest
Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle Quest – Memento in Destiny 2

How to start Bastion exotic quest?

If you’ve completed the obelisk quests Recovering the Past and An Impossible Task, you simply need to talk to Saint-14 to start the Bastion exotic quest. You’ll find him in the hangar, at the Tower.

Fallen Intel Collected – Spoken Word

The first step requires you to collect Fallen Intel by killing Fallen captains and servitors at the Tangled Shore. If you don’t want to waste time looking for them, check out our fallen intel locations guide – it’ll show you the best way to farm these enemies.

Aksiniks, Bound by Honor – Backroom Brawl

The next step involves killing a specific enemies. He’s called Aksiniks, Bound by Honor, and you’ll find him in the Empty Tank lost sector. That’s the one near Thieves’ Landing, at the Tangled Shore. He’s not that much of a threat, so don’t sweat it.

Spider bounties, challenging enemies, public events – A Strong Arm

This is the worst step of the lot – it requires you to complete 10 Spider bounties, kill 30 challenging enemies and complete 8 public events at the Tangled Shore. If you’ve experienced the glimmer disappearance bug, you’ll want to stock up on currencies before you go to Spider. The only upside is that you’ll complete the 30 challenging enemies while doing any of the other two tasks.

Grave Investigated – Rude Awakening

This step involves finding a hidden grave in the Trapper’s Cave lost sector, which can be found in the Four Horn Gulch area of the Tangled Shore. It isn’t too hard to find – it’s next to a pond – and if you need detailed directions, check out our Trapper’s Cave grave location guide.

Defiled Reysk, The Waning Light – Altered Chief

The last step is pretty straightforward – you simply have to complete a strike called The Hallowed Lair. Inside, you’ll have to kill an enemy called Defiled Reysk. Once you’ve completed that, go back to Saint-14, and you’ll get your Bastion exotic fusion rifle.

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