Destiny 2 Beta All Armor Sets Discovered & Showcased

Only a few days after it went online, all of the armor sets in the Destiny 2 beta have been discovered, catalogued and showcased. You’d expect no less from a crowd as dedicated as Destiny fans are, really. There are nine sets in the beta – three for Warlock, Titan and Hunter each. The first one is obtained automatically as you begin, while the other two require some grinding.

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destiny 2 beta armor sets
Destiny 2 beta armor sets

The picture comes courtesy of Reddit user Uberwolf_. The three in the middle are the starting ones – if you’ve spent any time at all in the beta, you’re probably sick to death of them. The left set is obtained by getting dozens of Crucible victories. That’s probably the one the least people have seen, given the poor state of the matchmaking. Being steamrolled by a well coordinated team with voice chat is not going to win you any armor pieces.

The set on the right is the one you get by replaying the Inverted Spire strike until the end of time. Seeing how lots of people just want to sift the strike for secrets, getting any of these three might also be more trouble than you’d think.

We’re already used to Destiny’s fabulous armor design, so there isn’t much Bungie could do to surprise us, honestly. Some fans have already voiced their displeasure with the giant pauldrons the Titan sets sport. If you’re curious, here are what the sets are called:

  • Titan:
    • Noble Constanty Type 2 (default)
    • Phoenix Strife Type 0 (crucible reward)
    • The Shelter In Place (strike reward)
  • Warlock:
    • Ego Talon IV (default)
    • Ankaa Seeker IV (crucible reward)
    • Xenos Vale IV (strike reward)
  • Hunter:
    • Frumious (default)
    • Swordflight 4.1 (crucible reward)
    • The Took Offense (strike reward)

There’s still time to grab them until the 25th, since the beta has been extended, but most of us will just have to settle for seeing them in a pretty picture.

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