Destiny 2 Cabbage Error Still Troubling Many Players

While most Destiny 2 players are having fun doing missions, switching gear and slowly preparing for the upcoming raid, a large number of people can’t even get the game to run properly. One of the biggest issues players are reporting repeatedly is the Destiny 2 cabbage error. It has been present since launch, it still hasn’t been fixed, and Bungie have been keeping silent about it.

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destiny 2 cabbage error code
Destiny 2 Cabbage Error

The cabbage error is, along with the PS4 Pro crashes, the most widely spread technical issue with the game. If you’re one of those affected, there’s nothing you can do about it – no solutions, no workarounds, no ways to avoid it. People who’ve bought the game on launch day are being rewarded for their trust with a show-stopping bug – it doesn’t really paint Bungie in a good light. The frustration is slowly mounting as more days pass – some people have taken time off work to play, and even those who haven’t are having their weekend plans ruined by a bug.

The more vocal fans seem to be more angry about the lack of communication on Bungie’s part than the issue itself. Desperate tweets are thrown at the Bungie Help Twitter account constantly, pleading with the developer to fix the game, or simply venting.

Bungie’s engineers are almost certainly working around the clock to get this under control, but the damage has already been done. A lot of people, who’ve bought the game early in order to prepare for the upcoming raid, the Trials of the Nine and Xur’s first visit, are going to miss out on being among the first to see these things. There are no winners here, but hopefully, at least someone will have learned a lesson about the perils of preordering and buying games before the reviews are out. Your friendly neighborhood reviewers are there for a reason.

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