Destiny 2 Data Recovery Legacy Code Quest - Where to Find Signal

Data recovery is a type of mission in Destiny 2. You’ll first encounter it through the Legacy Code quest, in which Ana Bray asks you to investigate blanks in Rasputin’s Code. It only becomes available once you’ve completed the main story. The mission is pretty easy, apart from the early stages, where you have to track down a signal without the aid of map markers. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the signal, so you can complete Destiny 2 Data Recovery Legacy Code mission.

destiny 2 data recovery legacy code mission
Destiny 2 Data Recovery Legacy Code Quest – Where to Find Signal

Where to find signal in Data Recovery mission?

First, you’ll have to follow the marker to investigate the coordinates Ana gives you. You’ll end up next to a metal crate with some kind of organic growth on the ground next to it. Now comes the hard part – you’re supposed to follow the trail of growths towards the objective, but without any map markers to aid you. It’s easy to lose your bearings here, and it isn’t entirely clear that following the trail is what you should be doing.

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Luckily for you, we’re here to help. The trail leads to the source of the signal, which is a DVALIN core. You’ll find it next to the three canisters at the mouth of the passage leading west from Glacial Drift. From the spot you begin your search, you could simply go under the bridge and turn right.

Afterwards, it’s all smooth sailing. You’ll have to go to Dynamo Approach, look for an empty chest, then look for some components for Ana. In the meantime, Cabal and Hive will be fighting all around you, so you won’t have to kill most of them – they’ll be otherwise occupied. Once you’ve got what you need, you’ll have to defeat a couple of commanders and a proper boss.

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  1. A

    Cannot get the 45th data frag. Have looked at the guides twice and followed but still only clocking 44. I see several other people are having trouble. Can you help with an answer?

    1. L

      Do you have all three Valkyra ones?

    2. V

      Do you have the one behind the door in Rasputin? You have to do a bit of parcourt to get it to open …

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