Destiny 2 Developers Hoping Players Complain About "Too Much Story"

Bungie is doubling down on story in Destiny 2. They’ve listened to what the fans have been saying about the original, and they’re adamant about taking the story front and center in the sequel. In a recent interview, Matthew Ward and Jason Harris from Bungie have once again confirmed this, with Ward stating: “I hope people complain about how much story we have.”

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Destiny 2 Developers Hoping Players Complain About "Too Much Story"
Destiny 2 Developers Hoping Players Complain About “Too Much Story”

The first Destiny had a pretty deep world; if only you didn’t have to exit the game entirely to read it from glorified Wikipedia entries. For Destiny 2, Bungie is pulling all the stops, it seems. In a recent interview with IGN, cinematic lead Matthew Ward and senior narrative lead Jason Harris confirmed their desire you keep building on the foundation of Destiny 1, with Ward saying:

Destiny 1, in a way, was foundational. It was meant to set up the world and ask a lot of questions, but not necessarily deliver too many answers. But leave enough out there for us to build upon.

They also talked about their excitement with Bungie’s writers and their work on the new game. Harris mentioned that the team has done a lot with world-building in the original Destiny, and it’s now time to use that to tell large and strong stories. He said:

I can’t emphasize enough that we are now ready to tell stories in this world. Big, expansive, cinematic stories.

According to Ward and Harris, Destiny 2 will explore what it truly means to be a Guardian. With The Traveler and The Light removed, the Guardians have been left without their inner power, to say nothing about their weapons and armor being destroyed. Some of the fan favorites, like Zavala, Ikora and Cayde-6, will all have to find new strength within themselves, and, with them, the players.

Ward ended the interview with a pretty brave statement:

I hope people complain about how much story we have. That’d be the Reddit thread I’d like to read.

That sounds like the most classic example of “Be careful what you wish for.” The internet will always find something to complain about. Either way, we’ll have to wait until September to see exactly what Bungie has in store for us with Destiny 2.

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