Destiny 2 Eye of Another World, Sunbracers, Wings of Sacred Dawn

Eye of Another World, Sunbracers and Wings of Sacred Dawn are pieces of exotic armor in Destiny 2. They’re meant for the warlock class, and they can be obtained as quest rewards during the main campaign. You can only take one when you complete the mission, and it’s a tough choice. In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about Destiny 2 Wings of Sacred Dawn, Eye of Another World, Sunbracers – what they look like, what perks they have – so you can choose the right one for your play style.

destiny 2 eye of another world exotic helmet
Destiny 2 Eye of Another World, Sunbracers, Wings of Sacred Dawn

How to get Eye of Another World exotic helmet?

You’ll get the Eye of Another World from Sloan after you capture the control center on Titan. It’s a helmet that looks like there’s a tiny universe inside it, and it has a perk that highlights priority targets and shortens the cooldowns of grenade, melee and Rift abilities.

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How to get Sunbracers exotic gauntlets?

destiny 2 sunbracers exotic gauntlets

You can get them the same way as the helmet above. The Sunbracers are a pair of glowing gauntlets that look like someone trapped the Sun in a glass jar. They increase the damage of Solar grenades, reduce grenade cooldown on Solar melee hits and decrease reload speed of kinetic weapons. They’re a good fit for a solar-focused warlock, but their main selling point is the look.

How to get Wings of Sacred Dawn exotic chest armor?

destiny 2 wings of sacred dawn exotic chest armor

The chest armor is the third potential reward in the quest mentioned above. The Wings of Sacred Dawn consist of a black coat with golden ornaments, and a pair of big golden wings – you might remember them from the trailers. They allow you to hover in midair when you aim down sights with a Dawnblade, and improve your handling of power weapons. As with the gauntlets, a Dawnblade will get the most out of them, but they just look too good to ignore even if you’re not one.

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