Destiny 2 Festering Ritualistic Bone Collector's Marrow Locations

Festering bone, ritualistic bone and bone collector’s marrow are items in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. They only appear as part of the Symphony of Death quest chain, the one which rewards you with the Deathbringer exotic rocket launcher. All three are obtained by doing specific things on the Moon, but some players are having trouble finding them. If you’re one of those who are stuck on this step, our Destiny 2 festering ritualistic bone collector’s marrow locations guide is going to help you.

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destiny 2 festering ritualistic bone collector's marrow location
Destiny 2 Festering Ritualistic Bone Collector’s Marrow Locations

Festering bone location

The description states you can find the festering bone by completing public events at Hellmouth. This is the area in the north, with the big circle in the middle. There are two spots where they appear in the area. One of them is the Witches Ritual, which is hands down the quickest one to complete. You don’t have to trigger the heroic version for the bone to drop, and you’ll get it as soon as the event is over.

Ritualistic bone location

You can obtain the ritualistic bone from the K1 Revelation lost sector. That’s the one in the middle of Sorrow’s Harbor. You’ll get the item from the cache at the end of the sector. This is probably the most annoying lost sector on the Moon, thanks to the unique mechanic. You can’t just go in and annihilate everyone – you have to destroy the crystals hanging from the ceiling first. But to do that, you have to defeat the Wizard first. It takes longer than regular lost sectors, but you’re guaranteed a bone from the chest, so you won’t have to repeat it.

Bone collector’s marrow – where to find Wandering Bone Collector

The bone collector’s marrow is a drop from a unique high value target called the Wandering Bone Collector. You’ll find him in the Anchor of Light. He spawns randomly, so you might have to wait and roam the area until he shows up.

destiny 2 wandering bone collector marrow

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    I got lucky when doing this quest. I came to the Anchor of Light and wandered around. There he was. I wasn’t there for even a minute.

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