Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion Bringing Back Daily Heroic Story Missions

Daily heroic story missions are coming back to Destiny 2 in the upcoming Forsaken expansion. Those missions have been absent from Destiny ever since The Taken King expansion from the first games. The return of the daily heroic story missions is going to prompt players to play Destiny 2 on a more regular, daily basis.

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Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion Bringing Back Daily Heroic Story Missions
Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion Bringing Back Daily Heroic Story Missions

Destiny 2: Forsaken is clearly going to be this games Taken King. Basically, Bungie and Activision are pulling the same shtick they did with the first Destiny. They released a barren game, charged you for the pulled content, and then brought it home with an actually good, final expansion. After pulling some more money out of you, of course. So, Forsaken will be adding a number of features that were present in The Taken King, and you’ll finally get everything that you’ve been hoping that Destiny would be. And, according to Scott Taylor and Steve Cotton of Bungie (via GamesRadar), one of those features are going to be daily heroic story missions.

Cotton and Taylor were talking about strikes and milestone activities, and the like. Cotton said: “There are four new strikes in Forsaken – one is Sony-exclusive. We’re really excited, they’re all really good fun. And we’re bringing back Daily Heroic Story missions, so we’re actually adding more ways to go out and get more Power. You can do the Heroic Story missions, other daily challenges, some that are less frequent than daily but more frequently than every week, that kind of stuff.” Basically, with this and other changes, such as non-linear mission structure, it’s clear that Bungie is working hard on engaging the players on a regular basis. As it stands right now, most of the player engagement is on a weekly basis. Plus, any new method of earning Power will certainly be welcomed with open arms by the community.

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