Destiny 2 Forsaken Lore Triumphs - Light, Dawn & Dusk, Darkness

Lore triumphs are a new type of challenge in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Each challenge will reward you with a story, and completing them all will grant you the Chronicler title. They’re divided into three categories – Light, Dawn & Dusk, and Darkness. Each category consists of several parts, and each part contains a bunch of smaller challenges. Some will have you fetch items, other will ask you to kill enemies. Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2 Forsaken Lore Triumphs.

destiny 2 forsaken lore triumphs
Destiny 2 Forsaken Lore Triumphs – Light, Dawn & Dusk, Darkness

All of the info comes from various data mining efforts, so it’s straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s incomplete, though, as a bunch of it is indecypherable. We’ll update it once the expansion goes live.

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The Tangled Shore

This Light lore book contains challenges set in the Tangled Shore. All of them are supposed to be unlocked by “seeking justice across the Tangled Shore”, but we have no idea what that means. They might be tied to completing certain parts of the main story. Here’s a list of stories we’ve found:

  • A Gift of Madness
  • By Thy Tongue Be Damned
  • Riddled With Lies
  • Anguish, Ten-Fold
  • A Blind Eye Toward Tomorrow
  • The Ragged Valley Sprint
  • Truth Tinkered
  • An Evolution of Faith
  • A Scorned Path
  • These Bad Lands
  • No Heroes Here
  • The Lonely and the Dead
  • The Sad Story of Pavel Rush
  • Gotta Do More than Shoot

Variks The Loyal

We didn’t manage to find any info on this Light lore book, but the name clearly points towards Variks, the warden of the Prison of Elders. It’s been a long time since we last saw him, and there has been speculation about a connection between him and Cayde, so it’s not impossible we’ll get to learn more about him in the Forsaken DLC.

The Man They Called Cayde

This Dusk & Dawn lore book is going to be about everyone’s favorite Exo. All of the stories are in the form of letters from Cayde, and almost all of them have poker jargon words for names. In order to unlock them, you’ll have to “loot chests around the solar system”. Each one is probably tied to a different location. Here’s a full list:

  • Deal
  • Call
  • First Stake
  • Fold
  • Flop
  • Raise
  • Turn
  • All-In
  • River
  • Showdown

The Dreaming City

The stories from this Dusk & Dawn lore book concern the Dreaming City, the Awoken homeland, and incidentally, the location of the upcoming Forsaken raid. Many familiar characters are mentioned throughout them, like Erin Mars, Petra Venj and the Vandal, but they are varied. Unlocking them is done by “defending the Dreaming City and looting chests in Ascendant challenges”.

  • Throne
  • Oracle
  • Misraaks
  • Azirim
  • Bamberga
  • Letters
  • Honored
  • Riven
  • Reextinction
  • Savin

Truth to Power

Truth to Power is a Dusk & Dawn lore book that contains stories about the Queen, Savathun and expeditions in the Dreaming City. They will be unlocked by “accepting gifts in the Queen’s Court”, which probably means either engrams or tokens that will come as rewards for bounties or other similar challenges. Here are the names of the stories:

  • Is it you?
  • Will you smile?
  • Medusa
  • Thetis Brave
  • act|choose|react
  • Injection
  • Thank you
  • react|choose|act
  • asudeM
  • It’s just me.

The Awoken of The Reef

This Dusk & Dawn lore book is made up of stories about the Awoken, their history and Mara’s deeds. All of them are unlocked by “recovering Crystallized Thoughts from the Dreaming City”. This probably means you’ll earn them by collecting a special resource in the raid – either from nodes, chests or fallen enemies. There are only three names here, but each with several numbered entries:

  • Revanche II-V
  • Telic I-II
  • Tyrannocide I-V

Ghost Stories

We haven’t managed to get the names of any of the stories from the last Dusk & Dawn lore book, but we do know they’re going to be unlocked by recovering dead ghosts from all around. Destiny 2 is finally getting dead ghosts, and they’re going to appear in all the areas – EDZ, Titan, Nessus, Io, Mars, Mercury and the Tangled Shore. Finally some proper collectibles.

Uldren Sov

This is the first Darkness lore book, but we sadly haven’t managed to get neither the names nor the descriptions of the stories within. They’ll probably be about Uldren, who is the Queen’s brother and the main villain of the expansion. You’ll unlock them by “pursuing Uldren”, which probably means playing through the missions, and recovering Uldren’s surveillance drones, which are scattered across EDZ, Mars and the Tangled Shore.


There’s no telling what this Darkness lore book will be about, but we’ve managed to get the names of all the stories inside. They’ll all going to be unlocked by either destroying Corrupted Eggs in various missions and strikes (probably a node of some kind), or recovering Ahamkara Bones.

  • Imponent II – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in the Gardens of Esila to earn this story
  • Imponent III – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in strike “The Corrupted” to earn this story
  • Imponent IV – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in Harbinger’s Seclude to earn this story
  • Imponent V – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in the Spine of Keres to earn this story
  • Katabasis – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in dungeon “Shattered Throne” to earn this story
  • Nigh I – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in the Chamber of Starlight to earn this story
  • Nigh II – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in Aphelion’s Rest to earn this story
  • Palingenesis I – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in the Bay of Drowned Wishes to earn this story
  • Palingenesis II – Destroy all Corrupted Eggs in raid “Last Wish” to earn this story
  • Archiloquy, Brephos I-III, Cosmogyre I-IV, Ecstasiate I-III, Fideicide I-III, Heresiology, Imponent I – Recover Ahamkara Bones and destroy Corrupted Eggs to earn this story

The Drifter

All of the stories in this Darkness lore book are centered around a mysterious character known only as The Drifter. He is the vendor tied to the new Gambit game mode, and you’ll unlock all of his stories by winning matches in Gambit. Here are the names of the stories we managed to find:

  • Uneasy Feeling
  • Justified Means
  • Step into the Shade
  • Artifacts and Old Friends
  • Shadow on a Wall
  • Bright Side of a Bad Idea
  • The Price of a Double-Sided Coin
  • Checking the Chamber
  • A Matter of Trust
  • The Long Con

Wall of Wishes

The last lore book is the most mysterious one. We couldn’t find any names, stories or requirements for unlocking them. We only dug up a list of obscure descriptions, which you can view below:

  • A wish for material validation.
  • A wish for others to celebrate your success.
  • A wish to look athletic and elegant.
  • A wish for a promising future.
  • A wish to move the hands of time.
  • A wish to help a friend in need.
  • A wish to stay here forever.
  • A wish to open your mind to new ideas.
  • A wish for the means to feed an addiction.
  • A wish for love and support.

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