Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Tips & Tricks - How to Kill Primeval

Gambit Prime is a new PvPvE mode in Destiny 2. It’s like regular Gambit, only beefed up. There are various differences, but the core remains the same – two teams fight against onslaughts of enemies, all the while trying to sabotage each other by invading and disrupting the other team. If you’re having trouble with the new mechanics or the new Primeval boss, this guide will offer you some Destiny 2 Gambit Prime tips & tricks, to help you out.

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destiny 2 gambit prime tips tricks
Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Tips & Tricks – How to Kill Primeval

There’s only one stage in Gambit Prime, which means you’ll have to work faster and be more in tune with your teammates. Blockers’ power has been increased, and they can allow you to drain motes from the enemy team, provided at least two are active. The blockers themselves have been changes as well – the small is now a Taken Goblin, the medium is a Fallen Captain and the large is a Taken Knight. Once you’ve collected 100 motes, the boss will appear.

How to kill Gambit Prime Primeval boss?

When the boss first appears, it will have a shield. You’ll need to kill the two Envoys (Taken Wizards) to lower it. A third Envoy will then appear – when you kill it, a well of light will spawn. Stand in it to get the Primeval Slayer buff, which lets you do massive amounts of damage to the boss. While you’re in the pool, keep in mind an invader could wipe you with a well-placed rocket. Stay on the move and be vigilant.

Once the boss’ shield goes back up, repeat the process. Every time the well of light spawns, the buff will be stronger than before. Save your supers and heavy ammo for later stages, as they’ll do considerably more damage then.

If you’re interested in specific tactics, one of the more interesting ones we found online involves a Warlock with Well of Radiance and Lunafaction Boots, a Titan with Sunbreaker and Hallowfire Heart and a Hunter with tethering. Everyone should have Malfeasance and just grind until the third or fourth round. Once the fourth well of light spawns, throw a Well of Radiance inside it, tether the boss, then use Hammer Strike and shoot it with Malfeasances until it drops dead.

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