Haunted Forest Chests Locations - How to get Fragmented Souls in Destiny 2

Haunted Forest chests are secret loot containers in Destiny 2. They’re only available in the Haunted Forest, the new activity that’s part of the Festival of The Lost event. They’ll only give you Fragmented Souls, which are a new currency used to buy masks from Amanda Holliday. Finding them will cut down the grind considerably, as you usually get these only from Amanda’s bounties and killing Nightmares. This guide will show you Destiny 2 Haunted Forest chest locations.

destiny 2 haunted forest chest locations
Destiny 2 Haunted Forest Chests – How to get Fragmented Souls

Where to find chests in Haunted Forest?

So far, we’ve only found three, but there are probably a few more. They dropped between one and five Fragmented Souls. We were able to spot them solely thanks to the green light glowing by the lock – it’s a dark area, and any light is bound to attract attention.

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The first one we found was through the red glowing gate, down the stairs on the right. There’s a platform on the edge with a set of stairs leading up to a golden statue. The chest was in front of the statue.

The second one was in the first area of Branch 4. We had to fight a Hydra and a group of Daemons. Jumping down from the starting ledge, we went to the right until we ran into the stairs leading up to the golden statue and the chest.

The next one is easier to find, but may be harder to get to on your first try. In the end, where you have to cross a bridge to get to the chest, you’ll fall through the floor. You’ll end up in a room with an invincible nightmare gunning for you. Ignore the nightmare – as the name clearly says, he’s invincible. Instead, look for an opening – the blue glow should be easy to spot against the room’s red walls. Jump into it and follow the ledge to the end, and you’ll get a chance to climb up to the platform with the chest. If you die to the nightmare, you’ll respawn in front of the chest. If you fail to open it, all fragments from it will be waiting for you at the postmaster.

There’s bound to be more of these. We’ll keep playing and updating this page – feel free to drop us a line if you find any that we’ve missed.

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    I’ve seen the red portal thing several times without the chest. Also I don’t think every “branch four” is the same, it’s randomly generated. Either way, I find it helpful just seeing silhouettes of what look like bridges to another island on the purple background. It seems that the stairs leading up to the bonus chests can randomly spawn on some of the larger areas.

    As for the final chest, you can walk on the edge of the platform and avoid the falling floor.

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