Locate and Enter Osiris Training Program, Destiny 2 Headlong

One of the steps in Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Headlong mission requires players to complete Osiris’ Training Program. However, in order to do that, you’ll first need to locate and enter Osiris Training Program. And while it sounds quite simple, it is actually a rather interesting puzzle which you will need to solve in order to complete this quest. In our Destiny 2 Lightfall Headlong mission guide, we explain how to do it.

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Locate and Enter Osiris Training Program, Destiny 2 Headlong
Destiny 2 Headlong Guide. Locate and Enter Osiris Training Program.

Destiny 2 Headlong Mission, How to Locate and Enter Osiris Training Program

Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Headlong mission is probably one of the most puzzling quests in Lightfall’s campaign. Namely, the first step requires players to “Locate and Enter Osiris Training Program”. However, it doesn’t actually explain at all what we need to do here. When the task starts, we find ourselves in front of a giant cube of energy which represents the gate which we need to pass. Alas, how to actually open this gate?

The first thing you’ll notice is that the cube is guarded by a bunch of Harpies. There are normal Harpies, Cation Harpy, and Anion Harpy. The solution to this Destiny 2 Headlong puzzle lies in the order in which you eliminate these Harpies. If you look above the cube of energy, you’ll see five diamond-like symbols. These diamond-like signs represent an order in which you must destroy the Harpies in order to enter the Osiris Training Program.

Destiny 2 Headlong Harpies Puzzle Solution

Lighter diamonds are Anion Harpies, while the darker ones are Cation Harpies. Now look again at the symbols – from left to right is an order in which you must destroy the Harpies. The diamond order is randomized, which means it will not be the same for everyone. For example, if you get the diamonds in this order – Light, Light, Dark, Dark, Light – this means that you need to kill two Anion Harpies first, then two Cation Harpies, and finally one Anion Harpy.

Each time you eliminate the right one, a message saying “Vex input accepted” will pop up. While not necessary, it is advised to eliminate the normal harpies first so that they are not in your way. Then start destroying other harpies in the correct order. It is also strongly advised not to use any weapons with serious AOE damage, as you might accidentally destroy the wrong Harpy, and reset the puzzle.

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