Destiny 2 Horned Wreath Chamber of Night - Essence of Vanity Tranquility

Horned Wreath in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is a weapon part for the Tranquility sniper in the Essence of Vanity quest. You have to find the Destiny 2 Horned Wreath in Chamber of Night by yourself in order to complete the Essence of Vanity mission to get the Tranquility sniper. However, the Horned Wreath location is pretty difficult to locate, because it’s deep in the bowels of the Moon, in Chamber of Night. Our Destiny 2 Horned Wreath Location – Essence of Vanity Tranquility Quest guide is gonna show you exactly where to find the Horned Wreath to complete Essence of Vanity and get the Tranquility sniper.

Destiny 2 Horned Wreath Location – Essence of Vanity Tranquility Quest

If you’re looking for the other horned wreath, the one belonging to the impossible-to-spell-correctly Ehrath’Ur, you should check out our Ehrath’Ur’s Horned Wreath location guide.

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Where to Find Horned Wreath in Destiny 2 Chamber of Night – Essence of Vanity Tranquility Sniper Quest?

To find the Horned Wreath for the Essence of Vanity Tranquility sniper quest, you’ll have to explore the depths of the Chamber of Nights. The first step is to go to Hellmouth, and find the entrance that will lead you deep into the bowels of the Moon. Head right from the entrance to Hellmouth from Sorrow’s Harbor. You’ll come across a black, metal wall on your right. There’s a green-lit hole that you can go through. Follow the path until you reach The Gatehouse area.

Once you get to The Gatehouse, go to the opposite side of the area, through the red-lit doorway. Walk through this new room. When you reach another open area, go inside it and keep to your right. You’ll come across a large doorway, so go through. Walk through the cavern, and you’ll come across a circular room. Walk straight through, and into the yellow-lit corridor. Head through the corridor into yet another open area. Walk onto the platform with the small rock formation, turn left, and jump across the chasm. You’re now in Circle of Bones.

The next step, when you reach the Circle of Bones, is to walk across the circular area until you reach the edge. Hang a right and go through the orange-lit doorway. Follow the path to The World’s Grave. Drop down to the left and through the huge doorway. Immediately go right and into another corridor. Keep on this path, and the game will let you know when you’ve entered Chamber of Nights.

From here, the road is pretty straightforward. Make your way through Chamber of Nights until you reach a giant, orange doorway. Head straight through the brightly-lit corridor, ignoring all the doors on the sides. Then, head straight between the two vats attached to hooks. Again, ignore all side doors. This will lead you into a large room with a gigantic rib cage on the right.

Jump straight to the platform below you, into the rib cage room. There are three openings in front of you. Go through the middle one, and approach the wall. The Horned Wreath is on the ground, to the right of the glowing rocks.

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