Destiny 2 How to Get Resonate Stems - Best Way to Farm

Resonate stems are crafting items in Destiny 2. They’re used to create override frequencies, keys that can help you open sleeper nodes. There are forty nodes in the game, and each frequency consists of four stems. That means you’ll have to farm a grand total of 120 resonate stems if you want to open up all the nodes. That’s quite a bit. If you want to save time, we’ll show you the best way to farm resonate stems in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 how to get resonate stems best way to farm
Destiny 2 How to Get Resonate Stem – Best Way to Farm

Resonate Stem farming locations

If you’re not in a hurry, you can just play public events and lost sectors, or scour the chests on Mars. Pretty much everything you do on Mars has a chance of giving you a resonate stem. If you mess about with public events in between missions, check out lost sectors from time to time and loot chests whenever you see them, you might end up with a handful of stems without even trying.

However, the best way to farm them is by going to the Ma’adim Subterrane lost sector, in the eastern part of Glacial Drift. You can use the stone bridge to get to the boss quickly. After some practice, you’ll need around 2 minutes to clear the sector. You’re guaranteed to get one stem per run, and if you do it with a team, you’ll probably be able to get more than thirty stems per hour.

It’s still not super fast, mind you. You’re going to need around four hours of grind to get all the resonate stems you’ll need. It’s still a lot of time. But this is the best we’ve found at this point. If you discover a better farming method, be sure to leave a comment and let us know, and we’ll include it in the guide.

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    Forgot to mention that most likely they will repeat… I already have the sleeper and have 2 days on grind to get the 40 nodes. Can’t count how many repeated nodes I’ve accessed. Only ones you haven’t see before count towards the 40


    Dont forget that patrols and zone challenges give you stems so it might be faster in a fireteam to spread out and bomb through patrols with public events tossed in.


    how does 40×4 amount to 120?

      Me Myself and Cabal


    Da sly ed

    Spenr weeks grinding away. Best return was doing missions during public events and when someone is enevitably triggering waves. Also hunting mobile boses i.e. Ogres and such .

    How ever my issue was that while grinding away and losing count the event of triggering 40/40 was a non event. Turned off the macine and came back to it the next day fed up with the grind. Then while changing settings/weapon loadout for iron banner ther it was on one of the stored banners had changed from 39/40 to a different one with the 40/40. No other loot or info about the banner etc. obviously after weeks of grinding very disapointed!

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