How to Get the Other Half Sword in Destiny 2

The Other Half is a legendary sword in Destiny 2 and many people are wondering how to get it. A powerful weapon, it has an adaptive frame allowing you to unleash heavy attacks and a crucial uppercut. Add to this a frenzy ability that increases damage, handling, and reload while you are in combat. Many people are confused about how you acquire this, believing it to be a paid addition. Read on as we tell you how to get the Other Half Sword in Destiny 2.

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How to Get the Other Half Sword in Destiny 2
How to Get the Other Half Sword in Destiny 2

Contrary to popular belief, the new sword titled “The Other Half” does not require the purchase of the 30th Anniversary Pack. If you buy this, you will be spending $25, and it still won’t arrive. It will drop in the activity from the end chest during play.

This chest is part of Xur’s treasure hoard. Complete the Dares of Eternity challenge. In your six-player co-op game, defeat the final boss. A chest will drop that contains a treasure key. Return to Xur’s treasure hoard and unlock this chest with the key. It should be below the moon and to the bottom left of the Tower.

You are not guaranteed the sword. Unlocking the chest will get you a random legendary weapon. To try the chest again, you will need to do another challenge and get another key.

How to Get the Purple Other Half Sword

A purple version of “The Other Half” also exists. There is a lot of speculation about how you get this sword as well. You will get this when you reach 1150 power. A blue version of the sword known as Half-Truths can also get earned in the same way.

One other point of speculation is that there is a way to combine them. This comes from a comment in the game itself. So far, there is no way to do this. The reference is a cheeky hint to them both being part of the energy sword from Halo. It may be possible that this changes when Witch Queen comes out but as of now, they are separate entities.

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