Destiny 2 How to Start Heroic Public Events

Heroic public events in Destiny 2 are more difficult versions of regular public events. In order to start one, you have to follow specific steps during the regular event. When you do, the difficulty will increase. If you manage to complete it, you’ll get better rewards than you would with a normal version. This guide is going to show you how to start Destiny 2 heroic public events – glimmer extraction, ether resupply, devil walker, injection rig, cabal excavation and disrupt vex construction.

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destiny 2 how to start heroic public events

How to trigger heroic Taken Blights public event

When the event starts, you’ll notice a huge black Blight that spawns smaller blights. If you step in and out of the smaller Blights, you’ll get a buff Blight Receding which allows you to damage main blight (it’ll not be immune anymore). Once the Blight Integrity drops down below 35%, Blight will explode and trigger Heroic event with a new boss Blightmaker. Defeat the Blightmaker to complete the event.

How to start heroic Glimmer Extraction

The regular version is about stopping the Fallen from getting glimmer. Gold rank is achieved if you defeat commanders in each wave before the timer runs out.
In order to start the heroic version of Glimmer Extraction, you’ll have to destroy the generators before killing the enemies. Once you’re done, you’ll have to capture the glimmer extractor and fight a boss.

How to trigger heroic Ether Resupply

To trigger the heroic Ether Resupply, you’ll have to kill all the little servitors. The event is about taking care of a giant servitor. He spawns several small copies of himself every oce in a while. In the regular version, you can safely ignore the little bastards. However, if you want better loot, you have to destroy each one of them before they disappear.

How to unlock heroic Devil Walker

In order to unlock the heroic version of Devil Walker, you need to open all the scorch cannon bubbles. When you take enough of the machine’s health, it will drop a bunch of orbs. Use those orbs to unlock all the bubbles and grab the scorch cannons – this will cause another devil walker to spawn, starting the heroic event.

How to start heroic Injection Rig

You can start this heroic event by destroying all the vents after killing a Psion. When you kill the first Psion, a set of golden vents will open up, releasing steam. It will damage you, but fight the impusle to run. Instead, shoot at them. After the second Psion, another set of vents will open up. Destroy them as well.

How to begin heroic Cabal Excavation

In order to begin heroic Cabal Excavation, you’ll have to destroy the red Thrasher spaceship after it appears. The regular version tasks you with capturing a drill, while under enemy fire. Gold rank is awarded if you manage to fully capture the drill before the time runs out. One of those enemies is the ship we mentioned. If you destroy it, it will trigger the Heroic objective. A boss will appear, and you’ll have to defeat it to get Heroic tier rewards.

How to trigger heroic Disrupt Vex Construction

To trigger the heroic version of Disrupt Vex Construction, you’ll need to capture the points where the light beams end. If you look at the sacrificial altar, you’ll see several light beams shooting out from it. They all end at platforms that can be captured – when you’ve got all of them, a boss will show up.

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