Destiny 2 Infinite Ammo Glitch Discovered, Hunters Rejoice

Another update, another glitch – that is the way of Destiny 2. This time around, it’s a useful little thing, letting players have infinite ammo without the need to reload. It’s only available to Hunters, though, so don’t get too excited. Best of all is that it’s pretty easy to pull off. Since it’s getting quite popular, expect it to be patched out in one of the following updates.

destiny 2 infinite ammo glitch
Destiny 2 Infinite Ammo Glitch

In order to take advantage of the glitch, you’ll have to play as a Hunter – that’s the easy part. You’ll also need a piece of exotic armor – that’s the hard part. It’s a pair of boots called Lucky Pants. This could take anywhere between ten minutes and a million years. Once you’ve got them, you’ll notice they have a perk that gives back ammo to a stowed hand cannon when you score a precision hit.

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This means that you could have infinite ammo if you equipped two hand cannons – one kinetic and one elemental. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what you need to do after you’ve got the boots. Use the energy hand cannon to score a precision kill, then pull out the kinetic one. Score a precision kill with it, as well, then change your energy weapon into the one you want to glitch.

After you’ve done all that, your energy weapon should start replenishing itself whenever you shoot someone in the head with it. Reloading the weapon manually doesn’t disable the glitch – the only thing that does is equipping another one. Thankfully, you can repeat the process with another weapon, since it’s so fast and simple.

Again, we expect Bungie will fix this as soon as possible. If you’re into this kind of thing, it would probably be best if you tried it out as soon as you can. If you’re late to the party, don’t fret – stuff breaks in Destiny all the time. You’ll get your chance.

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