Destiny 2 Iron Banner Returning Once More, With A Few Big Changes

Destiny 2 Iron Banner is an unregular PvP event that happens every few months, and brings unique challenges and rewards to a pretty stale Crucible. Bungie have announced it’s going to return once more, but it’s going to be different. One particulary hefty change is going to bring it closer to what it used to be like in the first game.

destiny 2 forsaken iron banner returns
Destiny 2 Iron Banner

Iron Banner will return on September 18th, in time for the weekly reset, and the rewards and bounties it offers will be reshuffled on September 25th. The game mode this time will be Control, as it most often is.

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Power Level Changes

But we’ve mentioned changes earlier, and it’s probably what everyone is most interested to hear. Hands down the biggest change is that power level will now matter. This means the game won’t level the playing field so all the players in the match are on equal footing. That 550+ you worked so hard to get will actually put you in a position of power once you’re playing Iron Banner matches. This is the way it was in the first game, before it became just regular Crucible with a different name and a different vendor.

Speaking of vendors, Lord Saladin will now offer seven weekly bounties you can complete by playing Iron Banner. Each of them will reward you with specific items tied to this mode, and two of them will drop powerful gear. He will also allow you to outright buy three new armor sets, one of each class, as well as two weapons. You’ll have to complete their bounties first, though, so don’t expect to just waltz up to him and hand over some cash to get the stuff.

You should also expect post-match rewards as well. Once you’re done with a match, you’ll get both Crucible and Iron Banner drops.

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