Destiny 2 Laurels Farming - On Your Laurels Quest

Laurels are a new item in Destiny 2. They’re part of the Guardian Games event, and there are three kinds, one for each class – red for Titan, blue for Hunter, yellow for Warlock. You’ll need to collect a whole bunch of them during the event, some for the On Your Laurels quest, which rewards you with unique ghost shells, some for the Great Deeds triumph. The basic way to get them is quite obvious, but everyone’s wondering about the most efficient way to obtain them, since you really need a lot. We’re going to give you some tips on this in our Destiny 2 laurel farming guide.

destiny 2 laurels
Destiny 2 Laurels Farming – On Your Laurels Quest

How to farm laurels?

You get laurels by performing kills with your abilities – grenades, supers and charged melee strikes. In PvE activities, you need to physically pick them up, and they’re on a timer. This means they can disappear if you take to long to get over there and grab them. In Crucible and Gambit, they’re automatically picked up, so you don’t have to worry about all this. You can also pick up laurels other players have spawned – if they’re the same class, they count as three, if not, they cound as one.

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Part of the Great Deeds triumph requires you to collect laurels from “destinations”. This pretty much means anywhere on the map in free roam, or in activities like Escalation Protocol or Reckoning.

Your best bet would be to team up with people of the same class and do daily or weekly bounties. When you’re down to destinations, you should do either Escalation Protocol or the Vex Invasion activities – basically, any place where a lot of low level enemies spawn.

Also, make sure you use abilities that are best suited to this – something with the biggest area of effect. Pick your skill and equipment in such a way that your ability cooldowns end up being as short as possible.

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