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Niobe Labs is one of the hardest puzzles ever to appear in Destiny 2. It’s so difficult that Bungie decided it wasn’t going to be part of the required progression for the Black Armory quests. But some players are still interested in solving it – there’s an exotic ghost and an emblem to be had if you can manage it. If you want to complete the event but can’t be bothered with cracking the codes on your own, our Destiny 2 Niobe Labs puzzle solution guide will help you.

destiny 2 niobe labs puzzle solution
Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Puzzle Solution

Bergusia forge puzzle solution

If you want to see the logic behind the solution, we suggest you head on over to the raid secrets subreddit, which is where all the code breaking happened. We’ll give you a simple version of the solution below.

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First of all, each member of your fireteam will have to equip one of the Black Armory weaopns – the Hmamerhead maching gun from Volundr forge, the Tatara Gaze sniper from Gofannon forge, and the Spiteful Fang bow from Izanami forge. Aiming down sights with these will allow you to see the blue glowing symbols you need to shoot in order to progress. Each can show a different set, so all three are mandatory. You should also have each of the three types of elemental weapons in your arsenal.

How to start Niobe Labs puzzle

To start the event, you’ll have to shoot the rock, wind and fire symbols in quick succession. Afterwards, you’ll hear a chime that signifies you’ve got it right. The Hammerhead user should stand on the moon symbol and shoot the following: T, +, H, R, E, B, F, L, U, +. The player with the Tatara Gaze should stand on the tiger symbol, and shoot the fish, the lotus and the temple. They should then move on to the the dragon symbol and shoot gate, rabbit, bamboo and temple. Finally, stand on the fish and shoot the lotus. The Spiteful Fang needs to stand on the rising sun and shoot the paper, forest, waves and rose, then move onto the wind and shoot paper twice.

Niobe’s Torment – Bypass Level 1

Once the fighting starts, make sure you prioritize the enemies with the yellow health bars, as they can spawn other units. Also go after shield drones and sevitors as fast as possible – the former provide damage immunity, while the latter block off parts of the arena. As for the puzzle, the Hammerhead should stand on the hand symbol and shoot these letters: B, U, T, T, E, R, F, L, Y.

Bypass Level 2

In the second phase, the Hammerhead should stand on the hand and shoot the fire, then the rain cloud. Afterwards, the Tatara Gaze needs to stand on the fish and shoot the rabbit, then the lotus.

Wave 3 combination

This is where things get tricky. In the third wave, each of the three players will need to shoot their symbols simultaneously. After you clear out the enemies, the Hammerhead should stand on the star and shoot the flame, the Tatara Gaze should stand on the dragon and shoot the bamboo, and the Spiteful Fang needs to stand on the wind and shoot the waves. Remember, all three have to get into position and shoot their symbols at the exact same time, so make sure you coordinate well.

Bypass Level 4

After you’ve dealt with the servitor and all the other guys, the Hammerhead will have to shoot the letters F, L, Y while airborne. They don’t have to do it in one take, so you can take your time and shoot them while jumping up and down.

Niobe wave 5 symbol combination

You’ll have a meaty battle on this step, and a convoluted sequence to solve after it. All three players will have to shoot symbols in the correct order. Once the fight is done, the Hammerhead should stand on the hand, the Tatara Gaze on the fish and the Spiteful Fang on the butterfly. Here’s the exact order in which you’ll need to shoot:

  1. Hammerhead: A, T
  2. Tatara Gaze: bamboo
  3. Spiteful Fang: paper, waves, forest
  4. Tatara Gaze: gate, rabbit
  5. Hammerhead: L, R
  6. Tatara Gaze: gate, lotus
  7. Hammerhead: S, D
  8. Tatara Gaze: lotus
  9. Spiteful Fang: rose, heart

Bypass level 6

The fight on this one is going to be tough. You’ll have two bosses and you’ll end up trapped in a tight corridor with two servitors. Take them down as quickly as possible so you can reach the bosses, since they’ll be shooting at you from the other side of the walls. The puzzle, on the other hand is pretty simple – everyone should equip Spiteful Fangs and stand on the butterfly symbol, then shoot the forest.

Niobe’s Torment wave 7 solution

This is the hardest fight in the sequence, as one of you will have to solo a servitor. Make sure you’re ready for that. If you make it out alive, it’ll be time for those elemental weapons. You’ll need to use the three you’ve been using until now to find the symbols, then switch to the correct element to shoot them.

The Tatara Gaze needs to have a void weapon. They should stand on the tiger, then shoot the fish, the lotus and the temple. Move over to the dragon next, and shoot the gate, rabbit, bamboo and temple. The Hammerhead will need a solar weapon. They have to stand on the hand symbol, and shoot the following: +, U, L, F, B, E, R, H, +, T.

Finally, the Spiteful Fang has to use an arc weapon. First they’ll need to stand on the butterfly and shoot the forest and the paper. Then, they’ll move onto the rising sun and shoot the heart twice, then the forest and wings.

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