No Turning Back Destiny 2 - Changes After Update 2.7.0.

No Turning Back is a legendary weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a bow that looks unimpressive, but has some nice perks to make up for it, including a precision frame and hip-fire grip. There was previously a bug that stopped lots of people from getting it. The issues is now fixed, and starting with version 2.7.0, you can get No Turning Back in Destiny 2 the way it was intended. If you’re wondering how exactly that is, keep reading.

no turning back destiny 2
No Turning Back Destiny 2 – Changes After Update 2.7.0.

How to get No Turning Back after update 2.7.0

As it turns out, No Turning Back was supposed to be in the world drop pool all along. According to the update 2.7.0 patch notes, it now finally is. This means you’ll be able to get it as a random drop from doing pretty much anything – public events, patrols, lost sectors.

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Until now, it was only available as a reward from Petra for completing a certain Forsaken story mission, and as a reputation reward from Spider. The former is obviously going to be too low a power level to be used in the end game, and the latter makes you a slave to the dreadfully slow trickle of reputation currency.

No Turning Back is the best of both worlds – precision frame increases the damage the longer you draw the string, while hip-fire grip increases the accuracy and stability when not aiming down sights. This makes it pretty versatile, and having one with a good roll of perks and a high power level could prove to be useful. It’s definitely a good choice for anyone who enjoys using bows, but this versatility is exactly what makes it unpopular in encounters where a more situational weapon, like the Rat King, is preferred. Still, you can’t have too many bows, now can you?

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