Queenbreaker Location - Destiny 2 Forsaken Wanted Bounty

Wanted: Queenbreaker is one of the bounties is Destiny 2 Forsaken. It’s a new challenge, given out by Spider, the vendor from Tangled Shore. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find the monster at Trostland, in the EDZ, and dispatch it. Some players are having trouble finding this elite enemy, which is why we’ve written this Destiny 2 Forsaken Queenbreaker location guide, to help you complete the bounty.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Wanted Queenbreaker Location Bounty

Wanted: Queenbreaker Bounty

The bounty description suggests you start your hunt in Trostland. That’s the southeastern portion of EDZ, the area where Devrim Kay’s church is. When you get there, look for a giant servitor with a yellow health bar. It should spawn either in the north, by the big passage, or in the west, near the lost sector. If it isn’t there, it probably means somebody already dealt with it in your instance. You’ll have to reload the instance, either by going to orbit, or by running into the lost sector. Either that, or just roam around and wait for it to naturally appear again. Any way you look at it, if the servitor isn’t there when you show up, you’ll have to wait for it to appear.

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It’s a pretty standard high value target – a tough enemy with a yellow health bar. Its weak spot is the eye – so just try to shoot there and you should be done with it before long. Just make sure you finish it before a week passes. Spider’s weekly bounties are only available for seven days after purchasing, after which they expire. Ideally, you won’t even purchase them before you’re ready to work on finding and “apprehending” the criminals. Just make sure you have enough Ghost Fragments – they’re like tokens for the Tangled Shore, and you’ll need them to buy bounties.

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