Destiny 2 Shadowkeep 900 Power Level Farming - Secret Chest Trove Guardian

Power level farming was always a favorite pastime of Destiny 2 players. Nothing has changed in that regard with the release of Shadowkeep, which means a lot of folks are looking for the best way to get to power level 900 and beyond – and fast. One method stands out already, and it involves killing a Trove Guardian and looting a secret chest – over and over again. This guide is going to show you how to get to power level 900 fast in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

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How to get to power level 900 fast?

This method involves repeatedly killing a specific enemy, whose death opens up the path to a hidden chest. After you’ve looted the chest, wait a few minutes and the enemy will appear again, letting you repeat the process without spending any resources. The gear in the chest will always be a few power levels ahead of you. The enemy in question is called the Trove Guardian, and you’ll find him in the Anchor of Light. Go to the open area south of the round building and wait for him there.

Invisible platforms & hidden chest

Once you’ve killed the Trove Guardian, look at the pile of orange debris to the south. The first invisible platform will appear on the right. Jump onto it and go to the far side. When you reach the end, the second platform will slowly materialize. Keep doing this until you get to the platform with the chest.

If you don’t shy away from spending your hard-earned resources, you can also try turning in the millions of planetary tokens and materials you’ve gathered over the years. They also provide you with a nice bump, but if you have an aversion towards spending, you’ll probably want to keep stockpiling them for some other occasion.

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