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Devourer Darg is one of the wanted bounty targets in Destiny 2 Forsaken. He’s hiding out in the Skydock IV lost sector in the European Dead Zone, and your job will be to hunt him down. You’ll need to talk to Spider and offer him some ghost fragments to get this weekly bounty. This guide will show you where to find Destiny 2 Devourer Darg in Skydock IV, so you can complete the challenge.

destiny 2 skydock iv devourer darg
Destiny 2 Skydock IV Devourer Darg Wanted Bounty

Devourer Darg Location

The description from the bounty lets you know that Devourer Darg is in a lost sector called Skydock IV, in the EDZ. To get there, you should land at the Sunken Isles and head towards the spaceship. There’s a tunnel under the lift-off thrusters – enter it, and jump up onto the platform on the right. Jump down the elevator shaft, then turn left. Follow the corridors until you’re in the lost sector.

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Once you’re in the main chamber, you’ll probably notice Darg right away. He’s a hulking fellow, a Cabal Colossus dressed in yellow. You should clear out the other enemies first, so you can focus on him without interruptions. Once you’re one on one, make sure you stay in cover at all times. He has that nasty rocket launcher on his back, and is not affraid to use it. It’s best to use as weapon with a high damage output and low rate of fire, if you can make each shot count.

Once you’re done with him, simply open up the inventory and use the bounty item. You’ll get your reward, which is supposed to be a piece of legendary gear. Since it’s a weekly bounty, if you’re over 520 light, the new item should be more powerful than what you already have, so it’s definitely worth doing.

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