Destiny 2 Updated Roadmap Delays Some Features

The Destiny 2 roadmap has gone through some changes, as Bungie announced. They have moved several of the planned features back to later updates, in order to perfect them before launch. With Bungie’s recent track record, they’re really going to want to hit the nail on the head with every single one of those updates to appease the players.

Destiny 2 Updated Roadmap Delays Some Features
Destiny 2 Updated Roadmap Delays Some Features

Bungie has posted an updated roadmap of new content and adjustments that they will be bringing to Destiny 2 in the future. Apparently, the first Destiny 2 roadmap that they published wasn’t exactly a set plan; rather, it’s more of their “current best estimate”. So, they had to move some planned features further down the pipeline, in order to get everything working properly before launch. Or, in Bungie’s words: “With today’s update we’ve moved a few items out to later releases – this is because we are trying to ensure each feature we add hits a sufficiently high quality bar.”

The first thing that has been moved are the Prestige Nightfall Challenge Cards V1. Those are now arriving on February 27th, in update 1.1.3. Then, they’re moving three features to March 27th, for update 1.1.4. Said features are Companion Vendor Viewing and, much more disappointingly, the reduction of exotic repetition and Nightfall Strike unique rewards. This is likely going to annoy a number of players. Especially when it comes to reducing the repetition of exotic loot. Destiny 2 players have been clamoring for that for so long; their patience is running very thin, and rightfully so.

Last, but not least, the “exotic weapon/armor sandbox changes”. Those will now have to wait until May, and the launch of Season 3 with update 1.2.0. There’s no mention of whether or not the launch of the second Destiny 2 expansion will also suffer a delay. I guess no news is good news; as long as they don’t mention any delays, we can assume that the expansion will launch in time.

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