Destiny 2 Where is Xur Location September 28th

Where is Xur and what he is selling today are the burning questions every Guardian wants to know. Looking for Xur and finding his location is a real adventure again, since Xur’s location is not marked on the map. Finding Xur’s hidden spot is always a worthy investment of time, since you can buy some nice exotic weapons and armor from this mysterious Agent of Nine. This being said, here’s where is Xur’s location & what Xur is selling today in Destiny 2, on September 28th.

Where is Xur Location Today – September 28th

He is at the Tower – behind the Dead Orbit in the Hangar. Go east from the spawn point and as soon as you enter the hangar turn left (north) until you reach a metal staircase all the way in the northwest corner of the hangar. He is there. This is the same spawn point he had the first week of Destiny 2 Forsaken release.

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xur location september 28th destiny 2

Destiny 2 What is Xur Selling – Inventory September 28th

Xur is selling Sweet Business, Hallowfire Heart titan chest, Winter’s Guile warlock gauntlets and Aeon Swift hunter gauntlets. I really wanted to like Sweet Business, but it it useful in very rare occasions so I wouldn’t spend my shards on it. Hallowfire HEart is a cool looking titan chest armor that can be useful and my warlock and hunter knowledge is not that good so all you hunters and warlocks should leave a comment and let us know if its worth the shards or not.

The answer to this question is still a big mystery to all of us, but it will be unveiled in the next few hours. Last weekend, you could grab Hunter Stomp-EE5, Titan Kephri’s Horn, Warlock Verity’s Brow, and Crimson weapon, along with Fated Engram. We hope this week his inventory will be even better.

Old News —————-

Xur’s location for September 28th is still unclear, since his arrival is some hours away. We know for sure that his hidden spot can’t be anywhere on the new places the Forsaken DLC introduced. His latest appearance was on Nessus in Watcher’s Grave, and once again, none of the items were from the new Forsaken DLC. With all of that in mind we think that Xur’s location for this weekend could be on Io. Make sure to check back in here later in the day since we’ll be streaming and updating the article as soon as we find where he’s hiding this time around, and what he has to offer in his inventory.

What Time does Xur Arrive in Destiny 2

Every Friday, Xur appears at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6 PM BST / 7 PM CET at a random location in Destiny 2. You can search through his inventory until new reset on Tuesday, October 2nd. So, unless something goes wrong, this is likely the time he’ll come around this week, too, on September 28th.

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