Destiny 2 Year 2 Reveal Stream Announced by Bungie

Bungie has announced that they’ll be holding a Year 2 reveal stream on their Twitch channel. During the event, Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor will reveal what’s in store for Destiny 2 in the game’s second year, as well as respond to community feedback. The Destiny 2 Year 2 reveal stream will start on Tuesday, June 5th, at 9 AM Pacific.

Destiny 2 Year 2 Reveal Stream Announced by Bungie
Destiny 2 Year 2 Reveal Stream Announced by Bungie

Not too long ago, we’ve covered the Destiny 2 development roadmap for this summer. There’s a bunch of different interesting stuff, and two of the three planned summer updates have already come out. The one remaining, which will come out in July, will bring prestige raid lairs for the expansions, the Solstice of Heroes seasonal events, and more. At the end, Bungie teased what’s going to come in fall 2018, with a handful of the features coming in September. Needless to say, devoted Guardians have been anxious to know more, and Bungie will be delivering soon.

In fact, they’ve announced that they’ll be holding a stream on Twitch for the Destiny 2 Year 2 reveal. The announcement reads: “We’d like to invite you to catch a glimpse of what we have planned for the second year of Destiny 2. We have some big ideas for how we’re going to transform your Guardian lifestyle and reinforce your hobby as an interplanetary hero. We’ll tell you all about it, and we’ll do it live!”

The game’s director Steve Cotton and project lead Scott Taylor will be the hosts of the event. They’ll be responding to “a bunch of community feedback” and reveal some new stuff that’ll be coming to Destiny 2 in September and beyond. Also: “We’ll top it all off with a look at a new Roadmap with exciting new promises for everyone.” If this peaks your interest, don’t forget to tune in to Bungie’s Twitch channel on Tuesday, June 5th, at 9 AM Pacific.

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