Elden Ring Red Square Debuff, How to Remove Fia Hug Debuff

If you’re stuck wondering how to remove the Elden Ring Fia hug red square with down arrow debuff, we’ve got your back. This debuff is incredibly annoying and sneaky; we were stuck with it for a long time before figuring out how to get rid of it after noticing the red square among our Elden Ring status effects icons. Luckily, the Fia debuff in Elden Ring is fairly easy to get rid of. So, let’s jump into it.

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elden ring red square debuff how to remove fia hug debuff
Elden Ring Red Square Debuff, How to Remove Fia Hug Debuff

How to Remove Red Square Debuff in Elden Ring

The only way to remove the red square with the down arrow debuff in Elden Ring, aka the debuff you get from letting Fia hug you, is to use the item you got from her. Okay, let’s rewind the clock. You’ve reached Roundtable Hold and are talking with Fia. She offers to hold you. As we’ve covered in our Let Fia Hold You or Not guide, if you do say yes, she’ll give you a hug. She will also give you a Baldachin’s Blessing, a consumable item that temporarily boosts your Poise. This stat regulates how well you can take being hit without getting staggered. It can be pretty useful. However, she also gives you the debuff that keeps your health 5% lower at all times. Pretty intense and interesting trade-off, I think you’ll agree.

So, to remove the Elden Ring Fia hug red square with the down arrow debuff, you have to use the Baldachin’s Blessing. After its effects have worn off, the debuff will go away on its own. Obviously, you can consume the blessing while in a peaceful area, wait for it to vanish along with the red square, and you’ll be good to go. However, there’s also the option to use the item while in a major fight, get the benefits of higher Poise, and hope that Fia’s health debuff expires just in time to give you that second wind. That’d definitely be a risky move, but I think that’s how it’s “supposed” to be used. The choice is up to you. Incidentally, if you want to get another Baldachin’s Blessing, go and let Fia hug you again. Yes, the debuff will also come back.

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