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Power Armor is the most powerful armor in Fallout 4, like a walking fortress, that provides the best protection from all kinds of damage. Unfortunately, it can be damaged, and needs frequent repairs that demand considerable amount of resources. If you still haven’t found all types of Power Armor check our screenshot guide Power Armor locations. You can also change color of your Power Armor.

In order to repair your Power Armor in Fallout 4 you have to find Power Armor Station. These are yellow stations that can be found in many settlements, and also in bases of the Brotherhood of Steel. The first one you can found is in the garage at Red Rocket, just south of Sanctuary.

Once you enter the Power Armor Station exit the suite and use the station “Craft” option. It will allow you to scroll through the menu, checking out which parts are damaged, and can be repaired. Repairing armor requires different resources, but mostly you’ll need Steel. Steel can be found in the following items: Steel, Wrench, Hammer, Scissors, Canisters and Cans, Pot, Wrench, Rods, Fan, Fork, Plate, Dog Tags, Bucket, Extinguisher, Flip Lighter, Handcuffs, Solvent, Power Relay Coil, Scalpel, Screwdriver, Module, Baskets, Shovel, Knife, Spoon, Toaster, Wrench.
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