FFXV Episode Prompto Trophies Achievements List

The Final Fantasy Episode Prompto achievement and trophy list has seven new ones. Almost half of them revolve around the combat scores, and there’s even one that is hidden. The reason behind it is probably due to it containing spoilers. Some of the major characters from the main game show up in this episode, and cooperating with one of them is a part of this trophy.

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FFXV Episode Prompto Trophy Achievement List
FFXV Episode Prompto Trophy Achievement List

Final Fantasy 15 Prompto Episode Achievements Trophies List

Episode Prompto covers the story gap surrounding Noctic’s friend from chapter 11 to chapter 13 of the main game. Almost all trophies are combat ones. It makes sense, considering Prompto will have to battle his way through many obstacles.

The Trophy/ Achievement list was revealed once Update 1.12 (1.11) went live on consoles. Although you can’t get these trophies if you haven’t bought the episode DLC, you’ll still want to download the massive patch to enjoy its free content.

Unseen AssassinStealth-killed 3 enemies.Bronze
Sharp ShootingTook down 30 enemies with crackshots.Bronze
Field PhotographerTook 10 photos mid-battle using Selfie Shot.Bronze
Unbreakable BondsCompleted EPISODE PROMPTO on NormalBronze
An Emperor DeposedDefeated the kaiser behemoth.Silver
Hidden Trophy – The DragonslayerCompleted Aranea’s intensive training.Bronze
Dogged RiderEarned the top ranking on all three Time Trial courses.Gold

If we are to rely on our experience with the previous character DLC, we can hope for a new weapon or weapons, maybe even an outfit to be transferred to the main game, once you complete Episode Prompto. In Episode Gladiolus, that was the Genji Blade.

Episode Prompto is available for season pass holders, and it can also be bought separately. This DLC is playable as of June 27, and it comes with a major update that includes Regalia Off-road.

As it was for episode Gladiolus, you won’t need all the DLC trophies to earn the platinum for the main game, but only to get it to 100%.

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