Final Fantasy XV free update brings Timed Quest rankings

Final Fantasy XV has already reached a nice venerable age when it comes to games (as can be seen from our huge list of guides), however, it is still going strong. The summer ahead seems especially exciting, because of a list of character-driven DLCs that have been announced. In the meantime, Square Enix is putting out a free update on April 27.

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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Comes Last Because of Story Impact
Ignis DLC will be the last of the bunch, which probably suggests a huge twist in the story.

The update is finally bringing, among other things, larger subtitles, for those who have, like us, lost their eyes trying to read them. This is especially useful for those who prefer the Japanese voices, although the English cast is great too. Here is a full list of changes:

  • New “Stable Mode” for the PlayStation 4 Pro, featuring a more stable frame rate on the more powerful console.
  • Subtitles, as well as some menu screen text sizes are now larger, for which your eyes will thank you.
  • Timed Quests will start up again, with a new ranking feature and the option to receive a cool new weapon.
  • More car stickers have been added for Regalia customization.
  • Music player will feature new songs.

As far as the new DLCs are concerned, Episode Gladiolus was released on March 28, following the deep-voiced Shield of the King. Prompto and Ignis should get their own DLCs as well, with Ignis being last, as it is supposed to have a huge story impact, according to FF XV director, Hajime Tabata. We should be following Promptos photographic adventures some time in June, while Ignis DLC launch date is yet to be announced.

Two more character DLCs are rumored. One of them might be for Aranea Highwind, who is one of the rare female characters who fight in the game, and she developed a following. The other is a story DLC based around one of the more mysterious characters, the notorious Ardyn, the smart and funny middle-aged man, but also the main antagonist.

Summer should bring some more news on FF XV VR, as well as the fabled PC version of the game.



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