FFXV Best Accessories

Final Fantasy XV Accessories are items in that increase your stats. They’re mostly jewelry – rings, necklaces, amulets and bangles. Each party member can wear only one at the start, but certain skills increase the number of accessories you can equip. They can have minor effects, like increasing your resistance to a particular type of damage, or major ones, like making your entire party immune to something. You can only wear so many, so choosing the best accessories in FFXV is a tough job. This guide will help you make those hard decisions.

Final Fantasy XV Best Accessories

UPDATE: Here’s a list of our favorite accessories, their effects and how to obtain them:

NameEffectsHow to get
Black HoodAuto-dodgeAt the very end of the Secret Dungeon Pitioss
RibbonPrevents almost all status ailmentsReward for finishing the Frogs of Legend quest
Adamantite Bangle+10.000 HPReward for killing the Adamantoise
Celestriad+30% fire, ice and lightning resistanceAs a collectible in the secret part of Steyliff Grove and Costlemark Tower dungeons
Magitek Shield+1000 max HP, +60 vitalityDrops from the boss in the Formouth Garrison stealth mission
Moogle Charm+20% EXP gainJustice Monster Five reward
Fire Crest+30% fire resistanceBought using Oracle Ascension Coins
Ice Crest+30% ice resistanceBought using Oracle Ascension Coins
Lightning Crest+30% lightning resistanceBought using Oracle Ascension Coins
Dark Crest+30% dark resistanceBought using Oracle Ascension Coins
Hypno Crown+300 magicAs a collectible in the secret locked part of Costlemark Tower dungeon
Dark Matter Bracelet+100 strengthAs a collectible in the secret locked part of Costlemark Tower dungeon
Buddy Accessories
Black Belt
+50% damage to large enemiesAs a collectible in the secret locked part of Greyshire Glacial Grotto dungeon
Target Scope
+50% damage to small enemiesAs a collectible in Crestholm Channels
Good Chamberlain
Automatically use Hi-Potion on Noctis when below 50% healthAs a collectible in the secret locked part of Fociaugh Hollow dungeon

ffxv best accessories

ORIGINAL TEXT: Sadly, the accessories don’t have any cosmetic effect. You won’t be able to see them on your characters while you play. On the other hand, it makes choosing the best ones easier, since you only have to worry about their effects. You won’t get stuck trying to decide between a choker that looks good and a ring that has a nice buff.

The best accessories are only available late in the game – ones that provide bonuses to several stats or protection against more than one element. You’ll get them as rewards for particularly difficult quests, or buy them from vendors at exorbitant prices.

In the meantime, you should hold onto all the accessories you find and switch them according to the situation. The low level ones are all situational. If you’re going to fight an enemy that does fire damage, equip a ring that offers fire resistance. After the fight, replace it with something which suits your everyday needs better.

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  1. W
    Will Saunders

    The Grand Chamberlain is an upgrade to the Good Chamberlain item for Ignis. Gives Noctis an Elixir instead. It’s found in Fociaugh Hollow Secret Dungeon.

    Ribbons can also be bought from the Ascension Coin merchant in Ch 15 for 40 coins.

    Dark Matter Bracelet can also be won from JMV 10,000 Gil Machine with a score of 80.

  2. F

    How about the best accessory of all????
    Magitek suit V2:


    •can be found after killing Angelus (magitek robot level 99, spawns northwest of hammerhead randomly) drop rate is very low <5%

    1. Isn’t that the mob that takes ages to kill? The one that has 99% damage reduction.

      1. J

        It’ll be a lv 99 dropship robot, alone. Have Ignis cast elemental (or whatever) on Noctis and let Prom and Glady die, just spam warp strike on the face of the lv 99 robot and heal as necessary. It will 1 shot you over and over, 10 minutes is a long time and usually you can pull off 5.

        1. F

          Supposedly there’s a way to “farm” Angelus. (Haven’t done the easy method, find this method at the end of this post)

          First off go ahead and camp near hammerhead, make sure to eat a good meal to improve DPS; I use the “Golden Tail Soup” which guarantees critical hits every time and a regeneration boost.
          Make sure to gear up a build for DPS at least on Noctis, now let’s get into detail.
          There is no specific spot on where it lands AFAIK there are several areas around the map where Angelus can spawn, the place I suggested before on where it spawns continues as the best one I’ve found so far but I’ve heard a lot of people about some other places where it lands mostly in Leide region. The area in mention is Northwest from Hammerhead, run in circles with the chocobo or on foot and it will eventually spawn. You can easily recognize when Angelus is in a magitek ship right above you by the sound it makes (Like starting a dirtbike engine sound) right at that very moment you go on and save the game. You kill Angelus and if it doesn’t drop the v2 version you can go back and load the last save game and re-kill angelus (sometimes you don’t get Angelus but the other robot level 76 with the same structure and sound I was talking about but it will not drop not even the Magitek suit v1, I strongly suggest that if you get the level 76 robot you go on and load the last save game and it should become angelus instead of that useless robot level 76) for some reason there were a few times angelus didn’t spawn after loading the save game and for that situation just re load again and it should come up (sometimes you need to reload the save game 2+ times)

          •Easy method: do the same as above but when fighting Angelus lower the game difficulty to Easy in order to get carbuncle to revive you when Noctis is dead (yes you have to die) afterwards you’ll get a ridiculous DPS and will make it even an easier battle.

  3. E

    Star of the Rogue
    Muscle stimulant
    Attack rocket launcher with warp strikes when vulnerable
    Attack left arm shock cannon thingy when vulnerable
    Attack it’s body till it dies.
    You’re welcome

  4. T

    I found a second and earlier location for the Grand Chamberlian. Check the fextra.life wiki page for a description. Video to folllow.

  5. T

    Just use the spell you get while wearing ring… one hit KO on that stupid thing 🙂

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