God of War Magic Chisel Journey Quest - How to Reach Hammer

The Magic Chisel Journey Quest is a main story mission in God of War. At one point during the Magic Chisel quest, you’ll have to reach the top of the giant Thamur’s hammer. To climb to the hammer, you’ll have to solve some puzzles plus some platforming. The solutions to the puzzles are a little obtuse, so we’ve written this guide on how to reach hammer in Magic Chisel main quest in God of War to help you out.

God of War Magic Chisel Journey Quest - How to Reach Hammer
God of War Magic Chisel Journey Quest – How to Reach Hammer

How to Reach Hammer in God of War Magic Chisel Journey Quest?

Climbing to the hammer in the Magic Chisel main quest of God of War requires some platforming and puzzle solving. After you talk to Sindri and learn how dwarves can shift through realms, look just beyond his shop. You’ll notice that there are red Shatter Crystals adorning the hair of the fallen Giant Thamur. There are three of them that you have to blow up with Shock Arrows to clear the path forward. The middle one is facing away from you, so you’ll have to turn it around by throwing the axe, then quickly blast it with electricity. You might need a little practice to get it right. When you explode all three, continue forward.

how to reach hammer god of war magic chisel journey quest
Shoot the three shatter crystals in Thamur’s hair

Walk through the giant green doors and dispatch the Traveler lurking inside. Pull out the huge boulder with the handle to reveal the path forward. When you reach the ledge, hop onto the adjacent structure, and climb around it to the right and to the top. Walk over to the humongous leather strap adorned with the gigantic Shatter Crystal. Approach it and hit the button prompt to push the strap. As soon as you can aim, blast the crystal with shock arrows. You have to hit it when it’s as far away as possible, in order to break the wall of ice on the other side. This might also take a bit of practice to get the timing down. Repeat as necessary until the cutscene starts.

Hop onto the strap and climb up. When you reach the first small alcove, simply approach the blockade and follow the button prompt to clear the way and climb on. In the second alcove, shoot the red crystal with a shock arrow, and keep climbing. At the top, approach the marker and mash circle to release the strap. From here on, I think you can figure it out. If you do have problems, check out our Seasons Puzzle in Magic Chisel Quest guide. And remember, once you obtain the Magic Chisel, you’ll be able to open the Hidden Chambers.

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