God of War Valkyrie Locations & How to Kill Them

Valkyrie are endgame bosses in God of War. There are nine of them, and they’re well hidden and difficult to beat. If you want to take them on, you better be prepared – get some high-end gear, practice your moves, equip the best runic attacks you can find. Still, even with all that, be prepared to fail. If you think you’re ready, read on and you’ll find a list of all God of War Valkyrie locations.

god of war valkyrie locations
God of War Valkyrie Locations & How to Kill Them

Where to find Valkyrie in God of War?

You’ll find six of them in the hidden chambers across the map, but you’ll have to have a way to open hidden chambers before you can fight them. Two more are outside Midgard – one in Muspelheim, another in Niflheim. Finally, the Valkyrie queen Sigrun is at the High Council, but you’ll have to beat the other eight before you can confront her.

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You’ll find Geirdriful in the hidden chamber in the Foothills. Go to where you met Sindri for the first time. Head east through the fields of poison, but instead of following the path on your right up the mountain, turn left and you’ll see a cave entrance with a couple of torches.


Olrun is waiting for you in Alfheim, in the hidden chamber at the Light Elf Shore. The entrance to the cave is on the beach on the western shore of the Lake of Light. It’s all the way to the right from the boat dock.


If you’re looking for Eir, you should head to the hidden chamber in the Mountain. The door is on the far right in the room with the giant elevator that’s supposed to take you to the Summit. You’ll notice it from the distance, as it’s the only piece of fine stone masonry in the rough cave wall.


You’ll find Kara in the hidden chamber in Witch’s Cave, in the south of Midgard. Once you’re back in the cave, stand in front of the bridge leading to the house and turn left. Use the light bridges to get to the chest, then use the red orb on the right to blow up the growth on the left, up on the ledge. Go into the room you just unblocked, and you’ll find the entrance.


Gunnr is in the hidden chamber near Thamur’s Corpse. Land at the Northern Dock and go toward’s the giant blacksmith’s fingers. Look to your left, and you’ll see the entrance to the chamber.


Rota is in the only hidden chamber in Helheim, but you’ll need Atreus’ help to reach her. Once you’re up on the last bridge, look westward and you’ll see a red crystal. Order Atreus to shoot it, and the path to the chamber will be revealed.


Gondul is in Muspelheim. In order to get there, you’ll first need the Muspelheim Cipher. Once you’re there, you’ll have to complete all the challenges before you can fight her. She’s in Arena 6. If you need more info on the trials, check out our God of War post game content guide.


You’ll find Hildr in Niflheim, the realm of fog. You’ll need the Niflheim Cipher before you can go there, though. If you want to reach her as soon as possible, just follow the path on the left, and look for a side chamber on the left, accessible from the second chest room.


The queen Sigrun is hiding out at the High Council. Once you’ve got the eight helmets, you can there and place them on the chairs in order to summon her. The council is on the northern shore of the Lake of Nine, and you can reach it by going to the Mason’s Chanel dock, right next to the giant rowboats. Climb up to the ledge and into the cave, then follow the path upwards and through the massive wooden door. Once you cross the stone bridge, you’ll end up at the council.

God of War Vaklyrie Fight

Before you start clearing out the Valkyrie, you’ll want to prepare. You’ll need some good gear – appropriate armor, a good pommel, some quality enchantments and a talisman to suit your needs. If you want a detailed account of what we used and what we recommend, check out our guide on preparing for the Valkyrie fights.

Once you step into the arena, remember to make use of Atreus’ abilities. Your axe and his arrows will be the main tools you’ll use to stop the boss when she starts charging up an attack you can’t block or dodge, like the ones performed from the air. Either throw the axe or use shock arrows to stun the boss while she’s hovering. When you see her charging up the wing attack, just keep moving to the right and dodge when you feel the time is right, and you should avoid getting hit. You can block the throwing attacks – it works better than dodging.

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