God of War How to Check Play Time - How Many Hours Into The Game

How to check play time in God of War is one of the questions players are asking about the game. It seems many people are bothered by not knowing how many hours into the game they are. Some might think it’s an odd question, but the fact is time flies when you’re having fun. It might feel like you’ve been playing for weeks, when in fact it’s only been a few dozen hours. If you’re one of the curious ones, we’ve got the definitive answer for your question below the break.

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god of war how to check play time
God of War How to Check Play Time – How Many Hours Into The Game

How to check how many hours you’ve put into God of War

Plain and simple – you can’t. Sorry. The Playstation console offers no way for players to see how many hours they’ve put in any game, which means it’s up to the developers to choose whether they provide this functionality or not. The folks at Sony Santa Monica decided not to, so there’s no way to check time played.

While you can’t check your own playtime, you can take solace in some statistics. Most players report beating the game in around 20 to 25 hours. If you decide to chase down all the collectibles, mess with post game content or figure out all the treasure maps on your own, it’s going to take more than a bit longer.

Take into account the difficulty settings as well. Most people played it on either normal (Give Me A Balanced Experience) or hard (Give Me A Challenge). If you go with the easiest setting (Give Me A Story) and don’t bother with anything outside the main story, it should probably take no more than 15 hours to complete the game. On the other hand, if you pick the impossible difficulty (Give Me God of War), you’re probably going to need more than 30 hours.

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  1. D

    Yea I defeated the final boss in about 25 hours i lost count after hour 1 but I played since Thursday and finished the final cut scene on Sunday

  2. M

    I have been playing for a few weeks on and off now. I have been doing all the side quests. I am pretty sure I’ve put in at least 50 or so hours. In

    1. D

      You can see your time played in the load section when you pause says the hours in auto save I’m 39 hrs 38 mins and 20 seconds played just below the date… 👍

  3. B

    Why write an article about something that you can’t do? The title of the article says how to check playtime. You can’t apparently. Shitty click bait bullshit. kinda pathetic

    1. H

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

    2. T

      Why you ask? Well it at least answers the question doesn’t it!! Instead of searching for a long time and coming up with zero results you do a search and find a answer immediately. Even if it’s one you dont like.

  4. D

    Give me my 10 seconds back. You made me read a paragraph just to say that i cannot check the playtime on gow.

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