Maneater Not Appearing in PlayStation Store - Where to Find

The PlayStation Store has been experiencing some problems with Maneater, especially if you’re browsing in on your PS4. Plus, people have been having trouble with downloading Maneater on their PlayStation 4, even if they’ve managed to find it on the PS store. So, in our Maneater Not Appearing in PlayStation Store – Where to Find guide, we’re going to offer you some info that might help you solve this conundrum.

Maneater Not Appearing in PlayStation Store Where to Find
Maneater Not Appearing in PlayStation Store – Where to Find

Where to Find Maneater in PlayStation Store – Not Appearing on PS4

To find Maneater in the PlayStation Store while browsing on your PS4, you have to go to the PS Store page, and then scroll all the way down. Find the “All Games” tab, and click on it. You should be able to find the game there. Alternatively, you can browse the store on your PC, and you’ll find it just fine without going through the rigmarole from the previous sentences. For some reason, the only place where Maneater isn’t appearing in the PS Store the way it’s supposed to is if you’re looking on the PS4.

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Now, one of the potential causes for the kerfuffle is that the game hasn’t yet unlocked in your region. For more info on that, check out our Maneater Release Times – When Does It Launch guide. Basically, the launch times are all over the place, depending on your region and platform you’re playing on. That might be why it’s not appearing in your store, and certainly why you might not be able to download it. Other than that, however, just follow the steps we’ve described above, and you’ll likely be good to go.

If you’ve found another way to fix the problem with Maneater not appearing in the PS Store, let us know in the comments. And, if you need further help with the game, we’ve got a number of other guides that you might find useful. Among other stuff, we’ve got How to Save in Maneater, Dead Horse Lake Landmark Collectible Missing Glitch, and Infamy Rank 10 Boss Hunter Capt. Robert Brunlett – How to Beat.

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  1. K

    Its May 23rd and it is still not available on Playstation Network Asia (either browsing on PS4 or PC).

  2. V

    Serious till now the game havent released in my region been scrolling through the ps store on my PC cant even find it

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